Motley Crue Lyrics

A Biography by Alan Stout

They've been widely successful, frequently controversial
and extremely influential. They're one of the most
celebrated American hard-rock bands of all-time, and
they've constantly forged forward with new sounds, new
looks and new attitudes.

They are a band that defines both musicianship and
showmanship. A band that - despite being equally known for
its well-chronicled escapades of sex, drugs, booze, fast
cars, big stage shows, flashy videos and starlet wives and
girlfriends - has always been centered first More...

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Review about Motley Crue songs
ROCKS! | Reviewer: Teresa
    ------ About the song Home Sweet Home performed by Motley Crue

This songs melody and tune and lyrics just are rocking!!!! This song takes me back to the 80's when I was wild and free!!! Even though they are anouncing their "farewell tour" this band will rock forever!!!

Too far with the "bad boy" thing... | Reviewer: CrazyKaida
    ------ About the song Saints Of Los Angeles performed by Motley Crue

I get the whole looking cool cause you're a "bad boy" or "rough" but does no one have an issue with their lines: "Girls passed out naked in the back lounge everybody’s gonna score
She’s all jacked up she’s down on her luck
You want it you need it the devil’s gonna feed it"? SERIOUSLY? There's a word for fucking a passed out girl... it's called rape. What shitheads, I guess they think unconscious girls are freebies... they'll never know, right?

Rock out the Crue | Reviewer: Rocker_21
    ------ About the song Kickstart My Heart performed by Motley Crue

From all the songs that Motley Crue did they seemed to have made every one count but sadley pretty soon the Crue is retiring, on sep. 9,2014 the Crue is having their lask concert in Boston i think, this last concert is going to be specially made for Crue lovers it is a fare well concert so after that very last concert there will be no more Motley Crue but even though their gonna be gone we will still remember and treasure them weather its by their songs or past concerts, so to make a long speech short i think that its important to keep up with the crue pride, to remember and treasure them for as long as you can. Motley Crue, FOREVER

Corabi is better than vince | Reviewer: truecrue
    ------ About the song Misunderstood performed by Motley Crue

Stylistically different from their previous work (in a good way). Sixx saw the 90s and saw that they'd have to make a transition away from "hair" much like Metallica did. They tried to hold some credibility with Generation Swine, but their fans couldn't stand growth so they went back to the same old same old and turned into a nostalgia/self-parody act post-Swine. Shame.

Dear Crue Fans, | Reviewer: cayla
    ------ About the song Dr. Feelgood performed by Motley Crue

The cure fans are the best, we are fearless and full of zest, Times are youth, wild, and free. Rocking hard that's the key! We take no shit, we live to tell, we speak our minds, and we rock like hell!!!!

The Corabi Album the Greatest Ever | Reviewer: Ben b
    ------ About the song Misunderstood performed by Motley Crue

When I listened to the Corabi album it was an instant addiction. Better musically and lyrically. So roar and powerful. Songs with meaning. Tommy had one of the best drum sounds I've ever heard and having the extra guitar took the band to a whole new level. They were as good as any hard rock metal band on any level.
How insane is that voice. The only match for Corabi in this life would be Chris Cornell (sound garden). How and Why they ditched Corabi is beyond belief. If they persisted with him they could have seen greatness beyond belief and they all would be better musicians today.

Church service song | Reviewer: Joshua
    ------ About the song Shout At The Devil performed by Motley Crue

I wonder if I could get away with singing this for my congregation. I am Baptist and I love this song, it really makes me love my God more and makes me want to rebel against satan even more. Then again.. hmm, the congregation might not appreciate rocking the church to the foundations for the glory of God. Most people just dont get it or get me.

not evil or satanic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Shout At The Devil performed by Motley Crue

shout AT the devil meaning yell at your teacher boss ect.people pick on this song because it talks about the devil in a different way than the devil went down to georgia.kiss has a song called unholy but thats not a problem.they pick on the name KISS not the songs.rock soldiers by ace frehley talks about the devil but nobody complains.if they worshiped satan they could say or chant wierd things.these are the same guys who play without you.i just saw motley crue with KISS and i loved it.

motley crue | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Saints Of Los Angeles performed by Motley Crue

i want to say first that i have a zune and KISS is my favorite band.i just saw them both in cocert and it ROCKED!!!i like older bands like poison def leppard scorpions ect.i don't have a favorite song by motley crue but it would probably be without you because it reminds me of when i was little with my dad listening to it.i am 11 but i have liked older bands like ones listed above since before i was in pre k.those bands bring back LOTS of OlD the way the first actual song besides nursery rhymes i sang was vooodoo by godsmack.

Nikki sixx | Reviewer: Kc
    ------ About the song You're All I Need performed by Motley Crue

I love montley crue. The glamour and fam. But no one really realizes how fucked up Nikki was when he wrote this song. I have read the heroine diaries multiple times. Its laying right beside me opened up to page 99 bc its the lyrics to this song n his reasonin behind writing it. Its a love hate ki d of thing n i love it.

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