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Venting screams of angst backed by the thunder of drums,
guitar and keyboard, Motionless In White translates energy
and emotion into a perfect storm of music to rain down on
listeners. The Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania native sextet,
comprised of vocalist Chris Cerulli, guitarist/vocalist TJ
Bell, guitarist Ryan Sitkowski, bassist Frank Polumbo,
keyboardist Josh Balz, and drummer Angelo Parente, started
as high school friends who performed popular rock cover
songs. In late 2006, they progressed to writing original
songs with a heavier sound and decided to form "Motionless
In White" More...

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People | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Immaculate Misconception performed by Motionless In White

Christians are Christians. There's some that can be open minded I guess but I think it's pretty rare. Then again I haven't met all. I don't think this song is just about Christians though. I like to think of most people I go to school with as unfeeling robots that do everything the "proper" way. It's good to exercise so almost everyone belongs to a team. Whatever the majority thinks is the "correct" thing and anyone that disagrees is meaningless. In my area, if you doubt God or don't go to church regularly you will get strange looks from most people and if you're a kid you can expect to be asked if you're a Satanist at school. Happened to me because I was reading a book about how the author believes a series of murders was because of a Satanic cult and not a lone gunman. I'm not going to hate all Christians, but most do seem like they could be a little more open to people. If someone doesn't want to do something like worship God the people believing in God shouldn't be acting like they're right and say that person will go to Hell for not believing or worshipping. If they don't believe they can't go to someplace they don't think exists. Nobody even knows for sure if God is real or there's multiple gods so nobody should be complaining about others for what they believe. I think everybody's religious beliefs are correct. There is such a thing as being too religious and it's rude and unfair to people if they criticize others for not being like them. Same goes for just everyday life. Point is, I'm sick of people not liking other people for stupid reasons like they're different than them. It's just stupid. We need diversity and anyone that likes to be like everyone else or can't accept other people are the people I believe cause the most problems for everyone. This is all just me though

You're the same. | Reviewer: Stachdaddy
    ------ About the song Immaculate Misconception performed by Motionless In White

You're no different than the Christians you bitch about, you are labeling and judging all Christians like the nut job Christians label you. I am a Christian and a metal head from the 80's, grow up and stop judging less you be judged. Ronnie James Dio RIP...

this is metal at its finest... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Immaculate Misconception performed by Motionless In White

Jesus what agreat song! This ones for all those hypocrytes out there! Christians so easely judge without even thinking so" open your mind before your mouth....or come and fucking get us!!!!\m/"

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