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Motionless In White Biography

Last updated: 06/26/2012 12:00:00 PM

Venting screams of angst backed by the thunder of drums, guitar and keyboard, Motionless In White translates energy and emotion into a perfect storm of music to rain down on listeners. The Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania native sextet, comprised of vocalist Chris Cerulli, guitarist/vocalist TJ Bell, guitarist Ryan Sitkowski, bassist Frank Polumbo, keyboardist Josh Balz, and drummer Angelo Parente, started as high school friends who performed popular rock cover songs. In late 2006, they progressed to writing original songs with a heavier sound and decided to form "Motionless In White" which was inspired by the Eighteen Visions' song. To make it official Cerulli decided to ask permission to use the song title as his band's name. With Eighteen Visions' blessing, the band Motionless In White was born. By mid 2007, MIW's hard work led to signing a deal with Masquerade Recordings.

Two weeks on the East Coast Independent stage during the 2007 Vans Warped Tour the band was given the opportunity to expose audiences to their sound and leave captivated fans to anxiously await the fall release of their debut EP, "The Whorror." The EP made its way onto iTunes and into stores such as Hot Topic and FYE. MIW returned the following summer to the same stage on Warped Tour for a three week spot and caught the attention of several independent and major record labels, as well as Shawn Milke, vocalist of Alesana. The band shortly after accepted the management of The Artery Foundation (A Day to Remember, Devil Wears Prada, A Static Lullaby), and then in December of 2008 they signed with Fearless Records. According to Cerulli, the signing with Fearless was unexpected but an easy choice since he'd never heard anybody say anything but good things about them, and felt as though all the label's bands interacted like family.

Determination, a taste for hard work, a love for being on the road, countless self booked tours and undeniable talent have all earned the band a solid following which continues to grow steadily. Emphasizing in every interview how much they appreciate their fans, MIW want to get their point across that saying their thank yous is something not to be taken lightly. "To be honest, we've wanted this," says singer Chris Cerulli during an interview with Weekender. "We're not a band that just practices once a week and says 'I hope something happens.' We work every day to make this happen, so having it happen isn't even overwhelming in the slightest."

Alternative Press recognize Motionless In White in their piece "100 Bands You Need To Know in 2009" with a full-page feature praising the band's "bruising peaks, melodic valleys and dark, emotionally riveting atmospheres that sound prewired for national stages." AMP will also be featuring the rising rockers. They've toured with Four Year Strong, My Hero Is Me, From First to Last and fellow Fearless bands Alesana and A Static Lullaby. The bands recent EP on Tragic Hero "When Love Met Destruction" will soon be followed up by their debut full-length album, to be released on Fearless Records early in 2010. You can experience Motionless In White live in spring of 2009 as they tour with Gwen Stacy.