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Red wine and sleeping pills
Help me get back to your arms
Cheap sex and sad films
Help me get where I belong

I think you're crazy, maybe
I think you're crazy, maybe

Stop sending letters
Letters always get burned
It's not like the movies
They fed us on little white lies

I think you're crazy, maybe
I think you're crazy, maybe

I will see you in the next life

[Early version has a second verse:]

Beautiful angel
Pulled apart at birth
Limbless and helpless
I can't even recognize you

I think you're crazy, maybe [x6]

I will see you in the next life

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peepee | Reviewer: peepee | 3/23/14

This song is obviously about the delusion of romanticism and love, about how love lost will come back in the end and there will be a happy ending to our stories. There is stark contrast between the musical and lyrical elements of this song, its a reference to the perceived meaning of these relationships and the true conclusion. In the movies there will always be a happy ending, for our own lives this isn't always true. So one misses the other feeling they will take them back because they are "soul mates" but the other one has moved on or does not accept them in this way. They miss them and try to rekindle their love and it goes no where. As they realize this they end their own life in the hope that they will meet in another life. This story takes the form of a narrative detailing the moral of this story, that we are deluded by these ideas of perfection and hope fed to us by movies and books because its what we want to hear, only to realize that life is nothing like it and there is not always a happy ending to every story.

HOPE and LIFE | Reviewer: MF | 9/14/13

I posted two bullshit comments under the same name and under the name D-FENS, four years ago, and I understood some parts of the song wrong. My apologies. Although he realizes that he doesn't live in a perfect world, although sometimes life is not as he wanted to be, although he encounters barriers in life that stand in front of him, he knows that he must overcome these issues with trust and hope. This song is about HOPE and LIFE, because he believes in a next life, but he did not lose the trust in this one. He believes that beyond death is another life, but, in the same time, he realizes that this life is a priceless and such a beautiful gift. The song has actually an optimistic message, you just have to pay attention to the subtlety of the lyrics.
God bless all of you, guys! Peace and light be with you!

the meaning might be in the name! | Reviewer: sellas mordum | 3/10/13

It could be nothing! But there is a movie by the name of "dead man" from 1995 and about 20 minutes into it there is music in it that sound very similar to " motion picture soundtrack" and the whole theme and feel of the movie points at the two being some how related! Maybe not but its definitely worth checking out!

On Tragedy | Reviewer: Amnemite | 9/11/12

I agree with the mojority of interpretations here, but still feel they are missing something vital, not that I can put my own finger on it. The tragedy present in Thom's (and the whole gang, really) songs always speak a bit deeper than I think we will ever really understand. The first two verses dont really speak abortion to me, though your welcome to your opinions. Also, seeing as the last verse was omitted later, I think Thom or one of the others meant to difine the song a bit better, because of that same mismatching.

In any case, tragedy is meant to give catharsis to those who lead stressful lives, so take it to heart like all Radiohead fans do.

As a side note, I feel like this should have ended the movie Vanilla Sky. The line, "I will see you in the next life," perfectly corresponds with a major theme in the film, starting with Sophie's line, "I will see you in the next life, when we are both cats."

Album review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/12

Really I think the entire album is about wanting to go back to being a child where "ignorance Is bliss" about regret, grief and loss. On this song describe what I hear at the start and through out the song which seems to be someone loading a gun. Into the lyrics "red wine and sleeping pills help me get back to your arms" means someone who lost someone and now can only think of her were he can relive memories. "cheap sex and sad films help me get back were I belong" which means porn (or sex tapes of him and her) and sad films remind him of her "I think your crazy, maybe" means he told someone about his dreams and they think he's crazy becuase he won't let her go "stop sending letters letters always get burned" means he doesn't want to be reminded anymore becuase the dreams always get ruined and he doesn't want memories he wants reality. "not like the movies they fed us on white lies" is a little harder to explain cod be about how most romance films have happy endings but his romance didn't. "I will see you in the next life" he's going to kill him self for any chance to be with her again. The last verse is about how she's different now in afterlife and how he regrets killing himself because seeing her now is worse then the grief.

RE: ALL WRONG | Reviewer: Tversky | 6/2/12

This song is not about an aborted child, or anything resembling the baseborn dribble below.

In even posting here, I cannot help but feel the all-consuming concomitant sadness that one should experience after deciding to forcibly insert themselves in some unfortunate gathering of special needs students arguing about Pokemon prowess with the sort of blind and hysterical vitriol that one could expect from a dense collection of hormonally compromised soccer moms or sexually frustrated little-league dads.

I'm certain that if every one of you were placed in a large room with speakers blaring children's music, the sense of epileptic euphoria most of you would experience would require the provision of at least as many mouth-guards and harnesses as posts below. (Not that you are all necessarily violent, just physically unruly in the way that you might inappropriately touch your own siblings while attempting to express what balanced individuals might call ordinary affection).

So now for the message: This is music. It is supposed to be evocative which doesn't imply content specificity. Primarily, it makes you feel something. The post-hoc rationalizations and regurgitations don't matter, despite how much it might seem like they enhance your impish sensibilities.

etcetera | Reviewer: Julia | 2/13/12

I feel like am gonna cry.
I hope that the most of the people who commented this are new with radiohead, and if guys have missed the whole point with radiohead. I mean, why in the whole fucking world do you think that the song is about how he's depressed over his "love"/taking pills etc just because it's written in those words?? Do you guys really think that Thom yorke would make a that evident lyric? Just that? Don't you think the song got a deeper
significance? Please think about it.

This isn't fuckin' Rihanna or Coldplay, remember that'.

PS; and don't waste youre time on commenting my misspellings or grammar, because english is not my main language.

You guys are all wrong | Reviewer: Robert | 10/23/11

You think this song is about the benefits of drinking a glass of red wine each day?

Killing himself to be with his dead lover?

And so on...

You're all very very very very wrong. He got a girl pregnant and she aborted the baby. He thinks she's crazy, maybe. Because from his perspective he's relieved. But he realizes that from hers, she's insane. He wouldn't kill his own child. He respects her choice, as it is hers alone, but if that child was his it would not be torn limb from limb. He hopes to see the child in his next life. That's his solace. And he moves on...writing more songs about his experiences.

Thom's Astute Medical Commentary | Reviewer: Jim | 6/24/11

I'm not sure I agree with the other reviewers. It is my opinion that this song is about the health benefits of drinking a glass of red wine once a day.

Much of the medical community has known for some time now that drinking a daily glass of red wine can relax blood vessels and increase levels of high density lipo-proteins which can prevent cardiovascular disease by carrying triglycerides and cholesterol to the liver where they can be properly metabolized.

Thom is astutely mentioning the positive effect naturally secreted hormones like melatonin (found in most sleeping pills) and HDL ( the lipo-proteins mentioned above) can have metabolically. It is also important to note that Thom is promoting a leisurely lifestyle by suggesting that people every-so-often see a movie and relax (not a sad movie obviously!).

Many of the reviewers below seem to think that this song is about suicide but that seems about as likely to me as my mother having birthed me through genitalia resembling a horses erect penis. Its possible just unlikely.

I would also like to mention that I am not human.

Just an Interpretation | Reviewer: H99 | 9/14/10

I think the persona has just broken up with the love of her/his life. The only way the persona can get back to her/his love is through pills and alcohol because they are not together anymore that is why she/he thinks that her/his lover is crazy. Obviously the persona still loves her/his lover and in a optimistic way he/she expects to see her/him in the next life.

The meaning of the song | Reviewer: Emry | 8/18/10

I believe this song is about him killing himself to be with his dead lover. Thats why he says "I will see you in the next life," he is referring to some form of afterlife. He thinks she's crazy for leaving him, so he wants to join her.

thank you | Reviewer: Hector | 8/3/10

i feel the song talks about a change...a metamorphosis between a real state of full sadness and a lot of miserably wreckages of ourselves (sound familiar?) and suddenly everything changes to a complete state of bliss....the most beautiful song in world composed by a human being.
I think it move people so profoundly because i think we all have been there...and songs like these...(this one specially) gives you the will to hope that even if you're in a shitty place whether is emotional or not, good times are coming and it's just a matter of time...

To me... | Reviewer: D | 6/1/10

I think this song is about a girl he lost suddenly. He uses sleeping pills and red wine so that he can fall asleep and dream of her to help him 'get back into her arms'. Then mentions cheap sex and sad films to which keep the memory of her alive.

When he says 'I think you are crazy, maybe' I picture him looking into the mirror saying it to himself. Crazy that he is fully consumed by the longing to be with her once again and that he does these things to keep her alive in his heart instead of moving on.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Sauer | 5/5/10

I love this song. Thom Yorke is such a great songwriter, he prolly makes Radiohead one of todays GREATEST bands. I also love the way this song feels, with both the way the lyrics are sung and the whole accordian bit, it's pretty cool, it makes me feel all spacey. The first time I listened to it, I couldnt stop.

Symbols | Reviewer: Will | 3/22/10

This song is magnificent. The guy is basically really depressed, and he's going to overdose on pills and kill himself. He loves someone very much but feels that this person has changed amidst the corruption of our world. "red wine and sleeping pills help me get back to your arms" (her TRUE arms, as she was before her change)
He hopes that after he dies he will be re-uinted with his lover as she was when they first got together.
The music stopping symbolizes the man's death.
The time in between symbolizes perhaps the period of time between death and the trip to the "afterlife."
The beautiful melody after this "pause" symbolizes the man ascending somewhere. It doesn't have to be heaven it can be some other "realm" or "place" that thom had in mind when he wrote this. This is one of the most creative and beautiful songs I have heard in my life.

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