Motion City Soundtrack Albums

  • Go Album (6/12/2012)
    Circuits And Wires
    True Romance
    Son Of A Gun
    Everyone Will Die
    The Coma Kid
    The Worst Is Yet To Come
    Bad Idea
    Happy Anniversary
    Floating Down The River

  • My Dinosaur Life Album (1/19/2010)
    Worker Bee
    A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)
    Her Words Destroyed My Planet
    History Lesson
    Stand Too Close
    Pulp Fiction
    Skin And Bones
    The Weakends
    Sunny Day
    So Long Farewell

  • Even If It Kills Me Album (9/17/2007)
    Fell In Love Without You
    This Is For Real
    It Had To Be You
    Last Night
    Calling All Cops
    Can't Finish What You Started
    The Conversation
    Broken Heart
    Hello Helicopter
    Where I Belong
    Point Of Extinction
    Even If It Kills Me

  • Commit This To Memory Album (6/7/2005)
    Attractive Today
    Everything Is Alright
    When You're Around
    Feel Like Rain
    Make Out Kids
    Time Turned Fragile
    L.G. Fuad (Let's Get Fucked Up And Die)
    Better Open The Door
    Together We'll Ring In The New Year
    Hold Me Down
    Monsters Invisible

  • I Am The Movie Album (4/16/2002)
  • Back To The Beat [EP] Album (5/17/2000)
  • Kids For America Album (5/1/2000)

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    Throwdown... | Reviewer: Sam
        ------ About the album Back To The Beat [EP] performed by Motion City Soundtrack

    I have listened to this numerous times and i still like it along with every other motion city soundtrack song...but 5 stars...i hope in their 4th upcoming Album they have a better version of Throwdown(kinda like Capital H from Kids for America and the version thats on I Am The Movie)

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