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Mother Russia how are you sleeping
Middle winter cold winds blow
From the trees the snowflakes drifting
Swirling round like ghosts in the snow

Mother Russia poetry majestic
Tells the time of a great empire
Turning round the old man ponders
Reminiscing an age gone by

Mother Russia
Dance of the czars
Hold up your heads
Be proud of what you are
Now it has come
Freedom at last
Turning the tides of history
And your past

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Mother Russia
Dance of the Czars
Hold up your heads
Remember who you are
Can you release
The anger the grief
Can you be happy
Now your people are free

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MOTHER RUSSIA LYRICS - IRON MAIDEN | Reviewer: Victor the Russian | 8/18/14

Seriously, my fine guys and girls.
I'd dig it better if the song was about one of our Russian funky steel alloys factories. In that case - that would be a 100500% match. Right now I have a feeling that you perceive the total population of us as a horde of iron clad dwarves, Tolkien style. Or even Pratchet style... :rofl:

The music itself - a plain greatness of Rock. I'd just wished that the lyrics were a tad more meaningful.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! | Reviewer: EVELYN | 9/12/13

This song is so meaningful, and to should be the Russian Hymn <3
It´s music, it's art!, and art can be interpreted by everyone in so many different ways. But i think it is about the Russian Revolution of 1917...and i'm studying exactly about that topic today, and I just related it to Iron Maiden's masterpiece MOTHER RUSSIA.

Difficult to say | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

is difficult to say what the real meaning of the song is. Does it say for the first socialist revolution in 1917, or the overthrow of socialism by capitalism in the USSR? I could definitely say that it is timely now with Putin (Tsar). but so is poetry. travels at the same time in different places at different times. Either way, refers to a period in which workers lived establishing their own state. despite all the mistakes made then, definitely they lived better than us today!

??? | Reviewer: im ftw | 11/9/11

Everyones saying that this song is about the USSR during the cold war, even though the song doesn't mention that at all.... The song is about the Russian revolution that happened during the first world war. It mentions the czar's and none about stalin.

jimis alisidas | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/11

The purpose of any socialist country is to inspire such revolutions across the world and stalin is not communism but unfortunatly all think that what went on in the soviet union is communism but it is stalism something totaly different. And after all socialism in one country (the theory of stalin) is not socialism because socialism by it shelf is global

great | Reviewer: e | 3/6/11

this song is great first time i listen to this it was stuck in my head for a couple of months guitar,bass,& drums. lyrics makes sense including the end line. guitar makes a really fucking great sound. \m/

"freedom"? | Reviewer: josh | 12/1/10

don't really think many of people got the real meaning of the last line.

yes it means they are not really free as it was still USSR, but the real meaning is a critique of the heart of communism, the whole point was to free the people from the czars who were absolutist monarchs who did seriously oppress the people, but then came the Bolsheviks who were going to free the people, long story short under Lenin they did (probably) Stalin's men killed his collegue Lenin, he ruins it and makes it a dictatorship arguably worse than Hitler's.

USSR Collapses a year after the song is released | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

Interesting that the album was released a year before the collapse of the USSR. I find that hilarious, especially the line "can you be happy now that your people are free?" at the time of the writing of the song, they were not, they were Communist scum! Amazing song, Iron maiden always does good with their lyrics, in every song.

Iron Maiden tribute | Reviewer: Mikeal Hamilton | 12/31/09

Now I can Finally do this song now with the lyrics Bruce is my idol for metal opera singing and I've been trying to sound like him and people say I'm not bad but i think I'll keep practicing his voice but ya this the best song for Russia
by the way my thought is that this song is about the battle of Stalingrad WWII

Russian history encapsulated... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/09

Extraordinary! Transport yourself back to the time this was written - during the cold war - now review Russia's history... How poignant!!! And people said this band were a bunch of no-good Satan worshipers! Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Mother Russia Review | Reviewer: TJ | 10/10/07

Seriosuly, this is one of the greatest songs ever. Mother russia will stick in your mind like stink on a warthog! Russia, here we have your new national anthem!

Mother Russia | Reviewer: Mike | 4/15/07

Iron Maiden has great songs, exspecialy this song, good beat, and great lyrics.

Awesome | Reviewer: Sam | 4/5/07

This song is cool it has a really good addictive vibe to it. Awesome!

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