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Mother Love Bone has become a legendary Seattle band, but its music is less familiar than its story. The heroin overdose that killed lead singer Andrew Wood came just before the release of "Apple," the band's major label debut, and this seminal forerunner of the Seattle sound that has become such a major force sank without a trace. Now, however, with the success of Pearl Jam, which includes Mother Love Bone alumni Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard, and the slow climb of the Wood tribute album, "Temple of the Dog," Mercury has made another attempt to find an audience for the original. The label has combined the band's "Shine" EP and "Apple" on one release, plus some unreleased material, and it shows just what a loss Wood's OD really was. His vocals and lyric sensibility give Mother Love Bone a completely different take than Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden or Alice In Chains.

In fact, the songs are even more impressive now than when they were first released, for today they fit into a category of music that barely existed when "Apple" was recorded. Fans of the Seattle sound in general will be amply rewarded should they purchase this record, and those who particularly like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden should definitely investigate Mother Love Bone. The tragedy of Wood's death is the only shadow that hangs over this album, for it is clear Mother Love Bone was still a young band with a great future when these songs were written. But drugs stopped the music, as they have for so many others, and all that's left are might-have-beens -- and this album.


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They were supposed to be great | Reviewer: Ted | 10/26/12

I feel like Mother Love Bone was supposed to be better than any grunge band(especialy Nirvana) with their graceful lyrics and steller harmonies. Although Wood died, i will remember Mother Love Bone as the greatest band out of Seattle.

WOW IS IT!!!!! | Reviewer: mike | 9/18/10

I have been a very very big fan of anything that has to do with pearl jam or just eddie vedder! i always heard that there was more to the story!, so i finally sat down and started searching and lookin for anything i could find!!! now all i can say is WOW!!!! Eddie Vedder has always been one person that i could crank up and close my eyes and get cold chills! i feel so free when i hear anything from him, but now that i have found out more about the story and have heard Andrew Wood with Mother Love Bone and Eddie Vedder with Pearl Jam and even Chris Cornell, i am now dedicated! i can not stop finding out more and more and i wanna learn more and hear everything that i can about everything and everyone that i have just mentioned! R.I.P Andrew Wood , u may be gone but i see u living forever

recently turned on | Reviewer: Erika | 3/26/10

My teenage years started in the early ninetees so needless to say, I have been a major fan of grunge/rock alternative/rock for many years. I have heard of Mother Love Bone several times through out the years but never heard them. I was recently turned on to Mother Love Bone and have been obsessing over them since. I have researched the band, where they came from, and as much of their music as I can find. I will do my job now and turn every one I can on to MLB. I think everyone should hear this band and know their story, they were great.

Andy beyond the grave | Reviewer: chris | 12/17/09

Andy ws a good friend of mine. I took him on his last score. We talked at length about many different things: LIFE, LOVE, the FUTURE. He wanted LOVEROCK nbe the core of WORLD PEACE! We lost a great band and a great individual when Andy passed. God Bless Him, and may LOVEROCK always prevail. The world will nevwer know the loss, But Mother Love Bone will always be played in my home, car, at the beach... whatever... LOUD AND PROUD!!! May Andy know the influence and the lives he touches. God bless MLB....\

Ah, I wish I could've bitten the 'Apple' | Reviewer: Timmons Valur | 3/22/09

I have met (or know well) many a-celebrity in my time. There is only one that I have ever been stuttering- and shaking nervous in front of: the late, great Andrew Wood. He wasn't even mych of a celebrity then, but he was, all in all, the Quintessential Rock Star. He was L'Andrew The Love Child.

'Stardog Champion' is great, mostly for the inclusion of a song called 'Gentle Groove.' Andrew wood was Prolific. Prolific and Profound. read through any of his lyrics, and you will see a wisdom beyond his lean 24 years. Mother Love Bone (aka The Dum Dum Boys or daddy Long Legs) was NOT Heavy Metal. Nor was it 'Grunge.' It was Love Rock, fueled by the Number of Love: 333.

'Apple' and 'Shine,' together, can basically be found on 'Stardog Champion' but the albums separately are, albeit hard to find, a treasure trove of that 'Six String Thang' and hilarious, poignant lyrics. I personally adore 'Mindshaker Meltdown,''Gentle Groove,' and 'Stardog Champion.' I can only just imagine how huge Mother Love Bone would've become had Andrew Wood not returned to Olympus. Hell, it's easy Arena rok, but Warrant would've opened for them.

My ideal show (with all original members still playing and alive): Kiss (in makeup), Thin Lizzy, and Mother Love Bone. I'd say Death Angel, too, but methinks it wouldn't fit.

bone china! | Reviewer: jevy chang | 9/5/07

andrew wood didn't die, there would be no PEARL simple as that. his lyrics and voice is so dreamy. he is one of the most UNDERRATED vocalist/songwriter during the early 90s. Cobain shouldn't be getting all that glory bullshit rockstar i died at the age of 27.

And so it began | Reviewer: Chris | 5/30/07

I'm stunned by the people I meet who claim to be into the grunge/alt scene but don't know Mother Love Bone nor Andrew Wood. I never grow tired of listening to their songs, especially the Demos, the raw stuff and I pass knowledge of them on wherever I go. I hear Andy in so many singer's styles, especially Layne's and it's so sad he never got to fully fly here in this lifetime. Yet, Andy warms my heart and makes me laugh every time I listen to him and I'm quick to forget any sadness.

If you do one thing before getting off this earth in the realm of music, you must hear this band. You cannot claim to know the grunge scene without it. Andrew Wood was an incredible artist and is still missed today. I look forward to hearing these songs in Heaven.

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