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Queens Of the Stone Age Mosquito Song Lyrics

Last updated: 06/10/2013 06:47:13 PM

I Know, I know the sun is hot
Mosquitoes come to suck your blood
Leave you there all alone
Just skin and bone
When you walk among the trees
Listening to the leaves
The further I go the less I know
The less I know

Where will you run?
Where will you hide?
Lullabies to paralyze

Fat and soft, pink and weak
Foot and thigh, tongue and cheek
You know I'm told they swallow you whole
Skin and bone
Cutting boards and hanging hooks
Bloody knives, cooking books
Promising you won't feel a thing
at all

Swallow and chew
Eat you alive
All of us food , that hasn't died
And the life says

Simmering pick and pluck
Tenderize bone to dust
The sweetest grease, finest meat you'll ever taste
(Taste, taste)
So you scream, whine, and yell
Supple sounds of dinner bell
We all will feed the worms and trees So don't be shy

Swallow and chew
Eat you alive
All of us food, that hasn't died