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In a violent Hip-Hop world dominated by music full of guns,
cussing and drugs - Mos Def is a hugely welcome change.
Born Dante Beze on December 11th, 1973, Mos has constantly
proved himself to be one of hip-hops new-school visionaries
- those who break the stereotype of the 'Gangsta rapper'
and take hip-hop and rap to new and exciting levels.
Indeed, Mos is a precious MC, devoted to his music, with a
passion for social consciousness and a divine ability to
entertain which will surely cement his place in musical

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Review about Mos Def songs
thank you | Reviewer: curtis Jackson
    ------ About the song Mathematics performed by Mos Def

Must say thank you to all who sink into the paper and was trapped between the lines till the broke free and was released as a rhyme

hip hop is forever
and the rhyme Sayers that spit the message we will listen and those that spit shit gets flushed make that music cuzz

from the Caribbean to Brooklyn to the World

In a few sentences | Reviewer: 2 The
    ------ About the song Mathematics performed by Mos Def

The simple fact that the song stresses so many topics with so little words is enough to justify the rep that Mos Def has.The song expresses anger trough reality served on a platter of swift beats and tight lyrics.

This city life, personified in its hardcore beauty. | Reviewer: Samuel Smith of Southcentral
    ------ About the song Respiration performed by Mos Def

It is a song like no other but like many poets before this here, creative greatness. Yet, it is new and describes a city where so much is going on, crime, loss emotions, and pollution all around. And, "I can't take it y' all" is the sigh of relief as night settles and we leaving.

Hans solo WHAT?!?!?!?!? | Reviewer: Apollo
    ------ About the song Cream of the Planet performed by Mos Def

At the start of the song he does not say Hans solo because that would make no sense what so ever he actually said Masha'Allah which is an Arabic word that is used to show praise joy and thankfulness for an event or person just mentioned and the reason why he said this is because he has converted to Islam and by 2012 he has planed to use the name Yasiin Bay as opposed to Mos Def.

Conscious, Relevant, Dope | Reviewer: McLain
    ------ About the song New World Water performed by Mos Def

This is one of the most amazing pieces of rhyme
of all time
I especially marvel at the verse from "fluorocarbons and monoxide" to "fluorocarbons and monoxide," where Mos Def rattles off phrase--not word--rhymes for the whole thing, maintaining an intoxicating rhythm the whole time.

wowwwwwwww...... | Reviewer: jerzeyboy730
    ------ About the song Mathematics performed by Mos Def

If only half the writers/rappers had the talent and brains of mos def, they would prob do the same...make their mark in a major way, and move onto to bigger better things, rather than making repetative music which inevitibly becomes disposable. Best wishes to you Mos, your acting is just as on point as your lyrics...was so suprised to see you play a role to its fullest potential in Dexter...good luck, nothing will ever match the mark yourself, god rest his sole Gangstarr, and premier for making it all flow perfectly...

Mathematics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mathematics performed by Mos Def

Yo this is one of the bset james I have heard in along time. Mos is telling it like it is in todays world. Hope yall reall take this jam to heart and think about that is being spit to all of us.


Brown Sugar is the best track! | Reviewer: MissChievous!
    ------ About the song Brown Sugar (Fine) performed by Mos Def

I'm a big hip hop fan and when i heard this song for the first time i just loved it.The beats & rhymes are just dope.Mos Def is just the best.The track also reminds me of the movie ''Brown Sugar",now that's a tight movie!

Unthinkable hip-hop love song | Reviewer: Yanikee
    ------ About the song The Panties performed by Mos Def

This song sent chills down my spine and got my heart stolen every time I hear it. Mos Def does the unthinkable on that one 'cuz it reminds me of listening to sexy slow jams from the '70s & '80s (i. e. Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, just a name of few).

    ------ About the song Life in Marvelous Times performed by Mos Def

The end is of this song is as follows. "It's just another shot to the heart, It's just a sure shot in the dark, It's just another place in the star r r rss. Wonders on everyside, life in marvelous times, life in marvelous times. BANG. RIDE. EVERYWHERE. All over the world, you can feel it. ALL over the world, FEEL THE spirit rise, everywhere. It's just a sure shot to the heart, it's just a sure shot in the dark, It's just another place in the starrrrsss. Wonders on every side, life in marvelous tiiimmme, Life in Marvelous TIMES!!

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