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Mortiis Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 05:53:52 AM

At the heart of great music lies creativity, eccentricity, music is, after all an art form, an expression of oneself. Art is often misinterpreted, ridiculed and misunderstood to the point where critics often fail to realise the creative forces that make art so unique, so unusual and yet so interesting.

Mortiis is an artistic creation and yet Mortiis is a person so massively misunderstood it beggars belief. Just take a look at this website to witness the unfounded and totally ludicrous fables that have been written about him by artistic heathens throughout the world! Yes, Mortiis has lived in the Norwegian mountainsides, surrounded by forests, yes, Mortiis is an unusual character shrouded in mystery, but Mortiis is also a distinct character producing some of the most enigmatic, dark and haunting melodies ever.

Mortiis is one of music's last bastions of real creative genius and unique artistic expression left in a world overthrown by boy bands and false metal angst, offering instead both the visual and musical breath of fresh air that is so redundant in present MTV-dominated musical climates.

The concept of Mortiis is one that is never stagnant; it is continually evolving. It is a concept equal parts, image and music that is influenced by the surroundings, society and feelings, that everyone of us will probably have experience of in our lifetimes. Often misconstrued as a madcap Norwegian Troll, Mortiis isn't an alter ego per se, Mortiis is a character that questions society and the world we live in and how perceptions should be cast aside to enable art to be expressed freely. Obviously, not everyone has the broad mind to do this however, as Mortiis explains: "People make presumptuous comments and conclusions about me, when they've never even talked to me, see I'm really strong against prejudice and I don't see how people can judge people they don't know."

Mortiis has, in the same way that his image has evolved, continued to push back the musical boundaries that some artists can never hope to achieve. Refusing to embrace the norm or current trends, Mortiis is an accomplished artist who stands on his own in a dark, surreal, mystical but yet utopian universe. This is reflected in his most encompassing album to date ­ 'The Smell of Rain'.

'The Smell Of Rain' sees Mortiis bring to the forefront, his long-time love for legendary pioneers in the electronic darkwave movement, while using his ambient-esque soundscapes as the building blocks of his new contemporary sound.

Taking in influences from artists such as Enigma through to Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails. It's also the first album that sees Mortiis take full control over the vocal duties as well as creating the music.

Consequently 'The Smell of Rain' is an album which sees Mortiis simply let out all aspects of his personality, to create his most prolific, personal album to date. "The Smell Of Rain is a new beginning, a new era and the past should be left alone. This album is about honesty, mental decay and coping with it, not past glories. It is basically about falling into a sort of depression and symbolically wanting something so badly that you can smell it" explains Mortiis. Not only has Mortiis' music evolved so has the character of Mortiis' himself. The album's photo shoot was shot in the 120 degree searing heat of Death Valley and is also part of the video shoot for opening track 'Parasite God'. It's an image that represents both desolation and bleakness, both physically and mentally and is consequently portrayed in the musical ambience of 'The Smell of Rain'.

Mortiis isn't a freak of nature; he is the embodiment of greatness and exploration most are too scared to discover. But it's never too late to unearth the truth for yourself, but if you're still confused then "think of me as a human being with seven thousand issues!" As Mortiis states himself!