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Mortification is a three piece heavy metal band from
Melbourne Australia who have recorded 13 albums in their 9
year career. 1990-Break the Curse, 1991-Mortification,
1992-Scrolls of the Megilloth, 1993-Post Momentary
Affliction, 1993-Live Planetarium, 1994-Bloodworld,
1995-Primitive Rhythm Machine, 1996-EnVisionEvAngelene,
1996-Live Without Fear(live collector series), 1996-Noah
Sat Down (live EP), 1998-Triumph of Mercy, 1999-Hammer of
God. Mortification is currently signed to METAL BLADE

MORTIFICATION evolved from More...

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Reviews about Mortification songs

Lightforce | Reviewer: Kelly Matthews
    ------ About the song Brutal Warfare performed by Mortification

This was the first Mortification song I ever heard. They were still going by the name Lightforce at the time. Steve Rowe has always put together great line ups over the years. The musicianship is top notch. Nice power thrash on this one with deathy growl vocals. The message of the song addresses spitual warfare... to the point and powerful. Love it.

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