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BORN: May 22, 1959, Manchester, England

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born 1958 in Manchester,
Northern England. In the early 1970's, Morrissey was in a
band called Wild Ram. They later changed the name to Not
Sensibles and then again, to Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds.
At that time they had Eddie Garrity doing vocals and Vini
Reilley on guitar (he later joined Durutti Column). In
1977, Garrity and Reilley left the band and Morrissey took
over the microphone. The band shortened the name to The
Nosebleeds and Pete Crooks (bass), Toby More...

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Review about Morrissey songs
Morissey's explanation | Reviewer: CB
    ------ About the song Suedehead performed by Morrissey

The meaning isn't as simple as most people think it is.
The song isn't about love - Morrissey himself said in an interview with Craig Gilborn that the song is about how he is 'sickened' with what the music industry (particularly in America) has become, and with how profit-driven music executives have taken the honesty and realness out of music

Paper round | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song I Have Forgiven Jesus performed by Morrissey

Beautiful and heartfelt song. Might sing at church in a few weeks.

Someone else thought it should be 'paper route' not 'paper round'. Paper round is the British way of saying paper route.sounds similar But paper round is the correct lyric.

Dear God? Really!? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dear God, Please Help Me performed by Morrissey

If anyone has reached this page please do take time to read the protestations of the religious.

I feel for you I'm sure. No, I really do. I even feel some of the pain but really no god, one life.

Treat it as a learning experience and move on darlings!

little lamb | Reviewer: god
    ------ About the song Yes, I Am Blind performed by Morrissey

"little lamb on a hill... Good Christians want to kill you..."
Here we have yet another lyric that shows Morrissey isn't as enlightened as all of his sycophant fans would have you believe. Jews sacrificed lambs not christians. So many lyrics to pick from but this one was my favorite. Ignorance spoken by celebrities always seems to reach the ears of the ignorant.

So simple... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Suedehead performed by Morrissey

This is perhaps the most simple, least metaphor-laden song Morrissey has ever written. The meaning is quite clear - we've all been in love with someone who didn't love us back, and despite this would keep coming around, calling, writing, stringing us along, giving us false hopes and making things difficult. And if you haven't experienced this kind of one-sided're young yet, you will someday.

Meaning of song | Reviewer: JohnC
    ------ About the song America Is Not The World performed by Morrissey

He is simply saying America is arrogant, because it hinks it can go around the world looking for ways to feed its belly - plundering the Earth's natural resources if you like. He doesn't like the hamburger, well, he doesn't eat meat! I think he is calling for America to show a bit more compassion. Having said all that, he actually states that he loves America.

Persuede heads about the song | Reviewer: jon smiff
    ------ About the song Suedehead performed by Morrissey

I think he's talking to a lover. Morrissey doesn't really nourish her emotionally so he's suprissed she still calls and tries. She does come though and so does he. She also makes things hard for him; by making his 'thing' hard, she makes it even harder for him to to do the right thing, which is stop seeing her if he doesn't truly love her. He's so sorry for not loving her and quite sickened that her love won't penatrate his thick skull (suedehead)

Finally shes seeks out his diary to know the truth. She sees whatever ghastly and beautiful things morrissey would have to write about a failing relationship but really she'd seen them all and more in his eyes many times before. he apologizes. He's a sick man crushed by a cruel world.

It was a good good lay though

The closeted National Front follower... | Reviewer: JH
    ------ About the song The National Front Disco performed by Morrissey

I always found this satire extremely clever, because all the behavioral signifiers are like a young closeted gay man, feeling unnaccepted by his family and friends, who secrets out of the house to go to the clubs. The brilliant conceit is that it is the National Front disco, as if they'd ever have a disco in the first place...

Very, very clever...

This song... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Found Found Found performed by Morrissey

This is the song he wrote about Michael Stipe in the early 90's. But now of course he's been denying for a long time that they ever even had sex!! Yeah right, no ones going to believe THAT!

Morrissey kind of reminds me of Bill Clinton

"I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman...Michael Stipe!"

John: The song is not what is important | Reviewer: Tombcreeper
    ------ About the song Dear God, Please Help Me performed by Morrissey

I typed in the words "Dear God Please Help Me Find An Answer'. He has. The song is sad. In more ways than one. Coming here helped me see how much bigger and grander the Lord is. Bigger than smug atheists and bigger than smug believers. Relax and enjoy his wonder and love. And...don't take music so seriously.

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