Morphine Lyrics

Mark Sandman - vocals + 2String Slide Bass
Dana Colley - bari, tenor + double saxophones
Billy Conway - drums

For over five years now, the three members of Morphine --
Mark Sandman on bass, Dana Colley on sax, and drummer Billy
Conway -- have been doing things their own way. The trio
has no guitar player, opting instead for the stripped down
instrumentation of two-string slide bass, baritone sax, and
drums. They've also chosen to headline their own tours,
often playing for two or three consecutive nights in major
cities, rather than More...

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Review about Morphine songs
I CAN make it on my own | Reviewer: JM
    ------ About the song The Night performed by Morphine

It is not "I can't make it on my own", the whole meaning of the song is in that phrase where he repeats "I CAN make it on my own". It means I "can" be alone, for how long I don't know and I don't care, but I am not looking for any alternatives. "You are the possibility", not somebody else. He only admits that he actually can't make it on his own in the last paragraph where he says "Lilah, you are my only home, and I can't make it on my own". You can hear the difference if you really pay attention to it. It means that she or anyone else should not now about his suffering.

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