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You got some nerve, coming here
You got some nerve, coming here
You stole it all, give it back
You stole it all, give it back

Good Morning, Mr. Magpie
How are we today?
And now you stole it, all the magic
took my memories

(No no no no no no)

You know you should, but you don't
You know you should, but you don't

Good Morning, Mr. Magpie
How are we today?
And now you stole it, all the magic
took my melody

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Musician's Commentary | Reviewer: Adam Fontaine | 6/7/12

The song is a professional musician's commentary on the fact that most of today's musicians, aspiring and successful, are constantly looking to each other for musical inspiration. Whether or not this process is intentional is another topic. The song is about learning from existing music, and then taking a part of it and making it your own. Taking something that is not yours and calling it your own is called "stealing".

Love as catch 22 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/11

This is a song of love. It's about loving someone so dearly but in your heart knowing you should let them go. You took my memories and melody. Does not a lover steal a bit of the other. Besides who can be whole if you lose a love?

Birds/clepto | Reviewer: Ryanmercantile | 8/12/11

Magpies are indeed birds that share all the aspects of that which has already been posted.... However, a magpie is also a slang for a clepto or thief who have the desire and talent to steal. Honestly, he could be speaking of a bird, or a man, or a bird who represents a man, or both

Background | Reviewer: Roby the Wizard | 7/25/11

So, it turns out the magpies are one of the smartest birds and animals in general. They are thought to bring bad fortune, especially if one does not show respect to them by greeting them or asking them about the well being of their loved ones.

Magpies | Reviewer: Alex | 3/30/11

From Wikipedia:

In Britain and Ireland, there are a number of superstitions regarding magpies. A single magpie is associated with bad luck.
One should make sure to greet magpies when they are encountered in order to either allay bad luck or encourage good luck as related to the number of birds and therefore their place in the Magpie poem. Common greetings include "Hello Mr Magpie" "How is your wife/where is your wife?", "Good Morning/Evening Sir" and other marks of respect.

Magpies are known to kill and eat other songbirds.

The Magpie rhyme counts Magpies and tells of the fortune you'll recieve dependent on their number. There are many different versions.


"Took my melody" most likely refers to the fact that Magpies are known to kill and eat other songbirds, and the "melody" could also refer to the memories and magic taken. The song seems to be blaming something(the magpie) for lost memories/bad luck, and at the same time recognizing that the Magpie could bring MORE bad luck, and therefore it needs to be addressed respectfully.

I think the song is about loss of innocence, about magic and memories you had in your childhood being taken and not given back once you understand how things in the world really work.

I think it's best to always give facts up front to help everyone else with their own interpretations. I believe it's always about what the song means to you, once you're well informed about the lyrics and references.

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