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During 1992/93 the original members of Mörk Gryning, Goth
Gorgon and Draakh Kimera had been playing together in
different constallations, making songs of their own,
jamming covers etc. At the end of 1993 they recorded a
Black Metal song "When moonshine is the only light", and
decided to form a Black Metal project.

During spring '94 they were working on songs which resulted
in a two track demo which was released during the summer.
It consisted the songs "Journey through eternity" (On the
debut album "Tusen år har gått", "Journey"), More...

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Interesting... | Reviewer: Troll Warrior
    ------ About the song Omringningen performed by Mork Gryning

I quite like this song...Not as much humpaa as some others, but very black metally sounding. Like I said, I like this song, I'm just accustomed to hearing more humpaa out of Finntroll. Battle on my warriors!

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