Morifade Albums

  • Imaginarium Album (8/1/2001)
    Lost Within A Shade
    Rising Higher
    The Enemy Within
    Dark Images
    In Martyria
    Revive For Awhile
    The Secrecy
    Whispering Voices

  • Cast A Spell Album (5/1/2000)
    As Time Decide
    Cast A Spell
    Dance With The Devil
    Tomorrow Knows

  • Possession Of Power Album (3/22/1999)
    Possession Of Power
    Cast A Spell
    Ending Of Time
    The Signs
    My Own Majesty
    To Live Forever
    The Vision And The Temple
    World Of Steel
    A Northern Rhyme
    Ancient Prophecy

  • Across The Starlit Sky Album (3/22/1998)
    Enter The Past
    Tomorrow Knows
    Starlit Sky
    Distant World

  • The Hourglass Album (3/22/1995)

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