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Bride More Than Human Lyrics

Last updated: 05/20/2004 09:51:27 PM

Devil in your head
A serpent in your tree
Soaring through the heavens
of your lost soul
You believe every lie
Jump from every shadow
Listen to them you will live
in guilt and shame

We are,
Here to Save your Souls
More than Human

Your crime is never waking
from your mortal sleep
I do not condemn you
Twisted duality
Jesus never condemned
Jesus He forgave
Never took revenge
Christ we will be saved
I tried to tell you the truth
To share my heart with you
But it comes by revelation
To those who hunger and thirst
Against hope believed in hope
I am not ashamed
I do not live in guilt
In my world there is no pain

They say I am going to burn But they will never learn
I'll never be like them I'll never be like them
They all dress in white to cover the flesh on their back
I'll never be like them I'll never be like them

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