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In a world choked with sound, for the last few years it’s
been hard to find anything that lingers, anything that
grows with you rather than on you, any relationship between
audience and artist with that special fidelity that goes
beyond infatuation and becomes love. Morcheeba are that
rare thing: a band to love but also a band that keeps you
guessing, that refuse flatly to co-operate with the safe
maxims of stasis and repetition that make so much modern
pop so damn predictable. Here is a band with a totally
unique relationship with More...

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Review about Morcheeba songs
Credits for the song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Aqualung performed by Morcheeba

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) did NOT write this song. Ian Anderson DID write a song called Aqualung but not this one!

This Aqualung song was written by brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey and featured on the Charango album by Morcheeba that included the Godfrey brothers

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    ------ About the song Friction performed by Morcheeba

This song FRICTION by Morceeba is well ahead of its time ! It is now very appropriate, looking at what is happening at the Arab Spring in the Middle East and also the "Occupy" Wall Street and all the "Occupy" movement around the world !

This song should be played during all the "Occupy" movement gatherings !

Fantastic, Morceeba. THANK YOU ... !

ENTRANCED!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Trigger Hippie performed by Morcheeba

These people are the heart of trip-hop, and that's from an admirer of Massive Attack! They provide for me a balance of intrigue for my HEAD, HEART, and HANDS. Fascinating mental landscapes, deep soulful emotion, and the most suggestive backdrop for practicing lead guitar improvisations! My obbsession with Morcheeba began synchronisticly while trying to track down lyrics to a John Martyn song RUN HONEY, RUN, and every thing I've heard since enchants me! I can't fault a single track.

Remix | Reviewer: Canadian
    ------ About the song The Sea performed by Morcheeba

The Stakka Skynet remix is quite good. I agree, it's very relaxing.

A cooler starship | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wonders Never Cease performed by Morcheeba

She sounds like Grace Slick to it Grace Slick?

this song is really relaxing | Reviewer: Tim O
    ------ About the song The Sea performed by Morcheeba

tis song is probably my favorite song to hear during summer and its really relaxing especialy when at the beach

morcheeba | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Rome Wasn' t Built In A Day performed by Morcheeba

morscheeba is super!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is the best music

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