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All begin in 1989 wen Ares and the vocals Langsuyar get
united with the name MORBID GOD. The base was created in
Moonspell's fall in 1992. The first, and the last demo of
the band, now with the name Moonspell, called ANNO SATANAE,
was released in January 1993, with a total of three songs.
Later, the publisher Molon Lave Records put to that edition
more two songs. January 1994 marks the beginning of the
band with an edition of a mini-CD called UNDER THE
MOONSPELL, by the French Adipocere Records.

The reaction to this first (theoracly) More...

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Review about Moonspell songs
Lycanthropic Vampiric Love | Reviewer: Toure Cannon
    ------ About the song Vampiria performed by Moonspell

This song is sooooooooo sexy it makes you WANT TO CUM!Fernandos vocals are Draconianly dark sleek sultry INFERNALLY HOT N DAMNABLY EERIE!! Other than that this song is awesomely good!! An Gothic.

The truth??? | Reviewer: Azrael
    ------ About the song Finisterra performed by Moonspell

As a die hard metal and death metal fan, "Finisterra" holds a special place in my heart. However, I may have heard something of a demon by the same name...that is, if you believe in the supernatural. Feel free to shed some light on that...

Leaving or Living? | Reviewer: Rui
    ------ About the song Finisterra performed by Moonspell

In the 3 lines:
Was it for this we sold our souls?
Was it for this we missed our chance
Of leaving?
I think that by the meaning of the lyrics it would make more sense "Living" than "Leaving" but since they are pronounced the same way I can't tell which is the correct.

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