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More than 30 years has elapsed since The Moody Blues
entered the music scene. Without doubt, their innovative
and ground-breaking album "Days of Future Passed" which was
released in 1966, must be the one of the best classic-rock
albums of all time. The album stayed on the Billboard
charts for over two years and marked a milestone in rock
history as one of the very first concept albums, recorded
not only with a symphony orchestra but also in stereo, both
uncharted territory at that time.

Days was the catalyst that catapulted the More...

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Review about Moody Blues songs
Question of Balance | Reviewer: Lea
    ------ About the song The Balance performed by Moody Blues

This whole album is amazing. So deep spiritually and the music with headphones makes you just drift away to ponder all you are hearing. They are an amazing band, my favorite of all time since they first came out. I had a spiritual experience when I was younger, and when I came home, I put on the "Balance" cause I know it put into words what I just experienced. I will be forever grateful to the Moody Blues for all they have given the music world and my own world. Deep lyrics, beautiful music,what more could you want in a band? Just open your mind and you will find....Just open your heart and that's a start.

Gay Theme | Reviewer: Phil McCraken
    ------ About the song Nights In White Satin performed by Moody Blues

I love this song, and MBs in general, because it's melancholy, and I have a serious streak of melancholia that I thoroughly enjoy, from time to time. However, there can be no doubt that this is a Gay song. I'm not Gay (swear to God), but even I could figure this one out. "The love that dare not speak its name." This is definitely a Gay dude who is still in the closet, and can not full the love he desires. It's sucks to be him (no pun intended).

    ------ About the song Forever Autumn performed by Moody Blues

The guy is just so haunting in his delivery. No one can sing like Justin. I saw him perform Forever Autumn a month ago, and at 68 years of age, he still brought tears to my eyes while listening to it.

an over looked song | Reviewer: James Clemens
    ------ About the song Forever Autumn performed by Moody Blues

Gorgeous music, beautiful lyrics masterfully sang by Justin Hayward. Could be the best interpretation of lost love during the seventies. Or other decades thereafter. Sorry to say, this is not an original Moody Blues tune although it is performed at current shows. Justin performs this song without the help of John Lodge and Graeme Edge.
I think this song is timeless.

Not the Moody's! | Reviewer: New York Bob
    ------ About the song Forever Autumn performed by Moody Blues

A beautiful song written and orchestrated by Jeff Wayne. Yes, Justin did his typically masterful job on vocals. The rest of the Moody Blues had nothing to do with this. Sorry. But credit where credit due.

Uncle Larry | Reviewer: Arthur Banks
    ------ About the song Go Now performed by Moody Blues

Larry Banks passed away some years back. He was my uncle. He lived in Brooklyn where he wrote "Go Now." He wrote it for his wife Bessie who recorded the song before the Moody Blues. Later in life he sued Paul McCartney for using that song without permission. And he won.

one of the best | Reviewer: John Farrell
    ------ About the song Go Now performed by Moody Blues

The Moody Blues version of this song featuring Denny Laine is truly a classic and yet is a song that is rarely heard. I am so thankful for discovering the video version of their song and, not only listening to the music but watching them perform as youngsters is really a gift.

    ------ About the song Go Now performed by Moody Blues

When I first heard this song on a little rural station a week ago I recognized it from years passed but had no idea it was The Blues. Infectious and soulful but truly an American secret that should be heard over and over again.

Correction to previous review | Reviewer: vincenzo1
    ------ About the song Evening (Time to Get Away) performed by Moody Blues

This is not a Justin Hayward song. Tuesday Afternoon is indeed Justin's but Evening is a John Lodge song - the Moody Blues bassist.
The two songs were merged into one on the album and perhaps that is the source of confusion.

Melancholy Man Lyrics | Reviewer: TF1
    ------ About the song Melancholy Man performed by Moody Blues

They had so many deep things to talk about. For some reason this song to me seems so dark, but at the same time it's like there's a glint of hope to it. I don't know if that's how they intended it. To find that beam of light in the dark and gloom. But that's how I take it. I love how their music always tells the same story as their lyrics.

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