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The Fall Monocard Lyrics

Last updated: 04/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

How can we stand firm?
How can we stand firm against the process?
And the malefactors

Cropped by night
Nocturnal (noctional) surprise
Felicitatious malefactions

When will I get grasp of Monocard?
Is it bread?
When will it begin?

I walk into village
Fate infected (or "I walk into village fete/infected")
Trenches in Hownslow
The true chiefs
Go realise an apprentice
Of Chiswick

At my peril and at my demand

From Prussia and Chiswick

Give me grasp
Of monocard
Is it bread?
Or is it yeast?
Will it with it
give assist
At my peril and at my demand

I'll should apprentice possess/perchance/purchase
In Chiswick
And rats
Of style
Of Mono
Ersatz apprentice
Okay style
Okay mono
To be on(e) Cosmo