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It has been said that music has the power to transcend all
boundaries. Music calms the turbulent and soothes the
discontented. Music lifts and enlightens while pulling us
closer to our inner selves. Its lyrics reflect the
complexities of our lives and express our hopes for the
future. From Sonatas to Sombas, from Rock to Rap, no other
medium has the power to compel our emotions and enrich our
souls. Uptown Recording artist Monifah possesses this same
power. Like a well tuned instrument, Monifah is a
captivating medium through which More...

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Submit Monifah New Lyrics

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Sexy A | Reviewer: Alexis
    ------ About the song Monifah's Anthem/Bad Girl performed by Monifah

Hey, Monifah i love this song you put your thang down I love this song because I AM A Bad girl.This is my anthem.

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