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Laura Nyro Money Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2006 10:00:00 AM

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she said
"I'm young enough
I'm old enough
to paint a smile
I tasted heaven and hell
heaven stay awhile
a good friend is rare find
their straight talk can ease your mind
a good pimps gonna rob you blind
money money money
I feel like a pawn in my own world
I found the system and I lost the pearl
it's breaking me down
well you won't wake you don't shake
you just make the sound
go round and round and round
and round
bleed a little
bleed a little
til you freedom calls you

somewhere out
children laugh
like meteors
rolling down the grass
mothers pull the night time in
calling their children
with spoons in the wind
but not for me
she said
"I'm young enough
I'm old enough
in the city machine
where industries
fill the fish
full of mercury
(it's tax free)
she said
"my struggle hurt
but it turned me on
and when the revolution came
the chain was gone
on my feet
to the sound of my heartbeat
money money money
do you feel like a pawn
in your own world?
you found the system
and you lost the pearl
like leaves coming down
you've got to wake, shake,
make your vibe go round
and round and round and round

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