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Kanye West Money In Ur Pocket Lyrics

Last updated: 08/21/2012 05:49:08 AM

I say to u that u are my one an only
Never leave me lonely
Putcha body on me
And hold me close yeah
Lets take off to a place we aint neva been
And make love all night till da mornin
Me girls tell me good to now me hop a coop to now
[2x]me said me want to see u comfortable anything to
Make u smile and make u smile

But I don't need the mile
Yo chains yo blang it don't mean shit to me
Just keep yo money in yo pocket
Evrything up in here I own
No fake I.D. just keep it real wit me
U know u wont need urs just hoppin
[2x]let me hop on ur love rocket {now}

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