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Featuring ex-members of PERFECTLY NORMAL from the Toronto
area, Kenny Bridges, Mark Bowser, Peter Krpan and Chris
Hughes joined together in late spring of 1999 to form
.moneen. Later on Mark moved onto synthesizing Mexican
children out of raw DNA, then moved in Chris Slorach to
take his place. Two memorable years together and Chris
Slorach parted with .moneen. Farmiliar friend Erik Hughes
picked up the bass once again, having filled-in for Mark on
their first tour ever.

Playing what they like to call "the collaboration of
melodic More...

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Reviews about Moneen songs

woo | Reviewer: shib
    ------ About the song The Song I Swore To Never Sing performed by Moneen

i love this song its so was their encore and was done so well...and kenny is so nice:D

wow | Reviewer: ben
    ------ About the song The East Has Stolen What The West May Want performed by Moneen

simply breathtaking. and yeah, it is about the Berlin Wall separating 2 lovers or 2 family members... it's sad to see that a dictator's single desire can destroy millions of hearts.

Moneen, good yet unknown | Reviewer: Chaphni
    ------ About the song The Passing Of America performed by Moneen

I like the passing of america although it lacks alot of substance. Its catchy and their performance of the song is outstanding. Get em' moneen!

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