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Nirvana Molly's Lips (Vaselines Cover) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/17/2007 10:00:00 AM


She said
She'd take me anywhere
She'd take me anywhere
As long as she stays clean

She said
She'd take me anywhere
She'd take me anywhere
As long as I stayed clean

Kiss kiss Molly's lips (x4 and x8 in the end)

Thanks to Thomas busch for submitting Molly's Lips (Vaselines Cover) Lyrics.

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a little confusion | Reviewer: El Scorcho | 12/16/2007

i have a little confusion with the lyrics. When i heard this version in Scotland (search in youtube) with the vocalist of the vaselines (Eugene Kelly), the lyrics were very different, even for the nirvana's version and the vaselines...

well, it's a great song...
but im still thinking about the changes that kurt did.

Kurt | Reviewer: Janelle Allen | 11/22/2007

Since it's a cover it doesn't have the depth he puts into songs (the lyrics are simple yet catchy), but it's still nice to hear his voice.

Song Review | Reviewer: Chris | 2/7/2007

AS I live in Norfolk I like simple things and this song is that. Two chords, 10 different words and 2 minutes long. A very good love song that isn't cheesy. Kurt knew new-wave and this album is album is perfect new-wave, bubblegum punk for tortured artists every where. If only he was still around The Darkness might never have formed (or emo).