Modest Mouse Lyrics

A Story by James Stockstill

One evening at Denver’s Bluebird Theater, where Modest
Mouse was playing on a bill with fellow Northwesterners
Built to Spill, Graham broke a second-floor window and
stole into the backstage area. As Modest Mouse came off
stage, he was excitedly waiting for them, blood streaming
from cuts on his arms and face that he’d received from
stray shards of glass. Chanting “This’ll do it” under his
breath, Graham introduced himself to the source of his

Here again the facts become obscured. While More...

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Review about Modest Mouse songs
most accurate lyrics i've come across | Reviewer: ana
    ------ About the song Steam Engenius performed by Modest Mouse

I fancy singing along to lyrics as I read them and transcribing MM songs can be difficult with Isaac's muffled utterances and yelling. But these are the best attempt I've seen. Every line makes sense (relatively speaking) and it's a great song too. :D

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT | Reviewer: Jontez Ji
    ------ About the song The World at Large performed by Modest Mouse

I first heard this song when i was watching my favourite series LIFE AS WE KNOW IT starring sean faris its a great song loving it, :-)
everybody review is great :) +254700655587
Bringing on nostalgic memories :)

.. | Reviewer: Maria
    ------ About the song The World at Large performed by Modest Mouse

this song Stands for my childhood..i listened at it the first time when i was 5 years Old. It was my Fathers Favourite Song, and everyday Time i Listen to it i had to think about him .. He was a wonderful Person and i love him.. And i know i can't speak english very well and my Text Maybe Sound a Bit like Kitsch and too mich Romantik of something like this , but i think Songs and Music are here to let you Dream away , and this is my Song which i can wherever i am Dream myself far far away to the Horizont :)

Cynical me in a cynical world | Reviewer: Just another guy
    ------ About the song Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive/Negative) performed by Modest Mouse

I recently left a job working for a bullshit company that cares more about working their employees to death to create a favorable bottom line than providing a valued service to those that allow the company to exist in the first place. I was a young and scared out of college. Trying to find security in an insecure world. After a year and a half I left the position. I figured I knew I needed to dedicate my time to something that at least gave me the satisfaction of knowing I could help better someone else's life and hopefully enjoy what I would commit most of my life to.

Long story short I am still looking. During my search I have found that you can more or less dedicate your life to something that pays the bills and simultaneously funds the alcoholism that is necessary to stomach that path or work a job that gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling. The trouble is that the position I describe often would leave us struggling to survive even in the most modest of lifestyles.

I read the comments and saw people relating this to relationships and not fitting in. I have struggled with rough relationships and know how it feels to not "fit in" with the society surrounding all of us. I hope you have all found the necessary things to ease your pain and get you to grow and get to the next juncture in your life. After all, as long as we keep growing and developing as humans even the toughest of times are not in vain. We must push on regardless of what is ailing us. With greener pastures in mind we take tedious step after tedious step trudging on in hopes of stumbling upon that one special thing for each of us that allows ourselves to carry out the rest of our days in peace.

Whether if it is a relationships bitter ending, a sense of loneliness from the inability to fit in to a foreign society, the struggle to find ones path in this world, or any other ailment we still must continue on. Though we are angry and depressed, though we shun others simply because we have nothing to say we must remember that each negative time in our lives is balanced out with positives... and until that positive time comes to rescue us all we must be patient... we must all take a deep breath and have another orange julius while we wait in line.

This song changed me | Reviewer: Owen
    ------ About the song The World at Large performed by Modest Mouse

I used to be very miserable.Living with my dad and step mom who were total assholes,and i was always drinking.Many times i was always thinking about suicide and this song made my feelings more potent.I almost jumped listening to this song.The night I decided for sure I was going to do it,i put on this song,wrote my will,and was getting ready to jump.I sat on the ledge for a while and before i jumped,they let me go back to my moms.Now I am much happier and this song sounds totally different to me.It used to be a sad song for me,but now its a happy song.Im still a little bit crazy after living with those assholes but my mind is slowly coming back to reality

finally | Reviewer: kaboombang
    ------ About the song March Into The Sea performed by Modest Mouse

i searched for so long and listened it over and over again to find the best lyrics and this is the one that is the closest to the real lyrics i think.
this is such an awesome song, though i cant really create a good image of it. but i still love it as random as it is in my head. just the anger that hes trying to transfer is really genuine. i love it!

Maybe... | Reviewer: Reggie
    ------ About the song The Good Times Are Killing Me performed by Modest Mouse

I used to think, or at least know, The Good Times Are Killing Me was about drug, alcohol abuse, but I'm starting to think if it's just remembering those old times that you can't have again that is really killing you inside. At least that's how I feel now.

interpretation | Reviewer: patrickGmcg
    ------ About the song Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset performed by Modest Mouse

I think this is a song of hope. It begins sad and there is a lot of acknowledgement of unhappiness with his life and he feels he's too deep to recover. But then the music stops. And the talking shit about a pretty sunset line, in my opinion, is him realizing just exactly what he's doing. He's metaphorically talking shit about a pretty sunset, or talking shit about his life. He begins looking at the bigger picture and realizes his life is not as bad as he feels it is. He realizes his outlook on life is too negative and he can't trust himself. But the discovery of this is a start. And the guitar solo after the music stops until the end of the song is a sign of hope for him at a possible turning point in his life.

14/10/12 | Reviewer: El.
    ------ About the song Lounge (Closing Time) performed by Modest Mouse

I will never ever, ever ever EVER ever. Not love modest mouse.
I came up with this theory when I was younger:
Teenagehood sticks with you for the rest of your life. No matter the effort to escape.
This includes, of course, the music you listen to.
And through my long highschool years, Isaac Brock caressed my ears with his warped guitar and yelling, whispering, sweet, crunchy (slightly lispy) voice. And I fell in love more every day with this band.
My friends dont udnerstand my love for it- because it's unlike anything else I enjoy.

~I've got. a girlfriend out. of this city. I know I like her. I think she is Pretty.~

. | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Ocean Breathes Salty performed by Modest Mouse

Its about people wasting there lives following ancient dogmas. He hopes that heavennis real and that he can be with whomever he is speaking forever, but the cold reality is that there probably isn't life after death and he doesnt want to waste what little time they have.

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