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FORMED: 1984

Everybody who has followed the career of Modern Talking
also knows the unbelievable story of Thomas Anders and
Dieter Bohlen. Founded in 1984, the duo had their first hit
with the song "You're my heart, you're my soul". They
straight went to the top position in 35 countries. When
they separated three years later, they could look back at
more than 60 million sold albums. But the insanity still
continued. Their comeback in 1998 showed, where Modern
Talking belongs: to the top of the charts.

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Review about Modern Talking songs
Romantic! | Reviewer: MARY
    ------ About the song I'm not guilty performed by Modern Talking

Hi even Im not guilty 2 say how romantic do I feel thinking of my very fav singer,TA!
Love the song much,enjoyed many times,feel the love with which my fav singer sang it,want 2 ask him who he thought about while singing it!
His voice is so melodious,tempted 2smooch on his throat(I mean his vocal chords.)
lyrics fantastic,makes me feel sexy!

EXCELLENT! | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song I'm not guilty performed by Modern Talking

Oh what a lovely song!I always listen 2 and thoroughly this song with music and the singer's voice so melodious!I love the lyrics very much dat I sing it almost daily in my house.
Fantastic is the other word that I use definitely 4 dis song!
Wot2 talk of my fav music group,a group of fabulous singers!
Love my fav singing group fav singer TA!

i will follow you | Reviewer: warda flora
    ------ About the song I Will Follow You performed by Modern Talking

i will tell you baby ,all my love is real...i prefer ;and woww this song is amasing ,i love it me and all the persons herd it ,so thank you,and good job .peace and love i looooooooooooove you tooo much modern talking ;kiss

I love modern talking | Reviewer: Bader
    ------ About the song Geronimo's Cadillac performed by Modern Talking

what ever i heard songs in my life was passed 45 yrears , i have never heard best than modern talking yet and i think i will not hear agian like what what i heard before and what i'm hearing now , MODERN TALKING IS THE BEST

Wrong artist | Reviewer: Bogdan
    ------ About the song Independent Girl performed by Modern Talking

The composer and singer of Independent Girl is Thomas Anders (ex-Modern Talking) not Modern Talking. For some it makes no difference, but for real fans it does.
PS: Thomas Anders' solo style is different of Modern Talking's.

I wanna hear this song | Reviewer: adeel
    ------ About the song Don't Play With My Heart performed by Modern Talking

I wanna hear this song but i did not find it in you tube. If u have it's video so please send it either in my email adress or put it in the you tube, thank u

i love it | Reviewer: thomas
    ------ About the song New York city girl performed by Modern Talking

it is song that i lovr it very very much and i evry day dance with this music i love modern talking very very much and im sad that they are not together

more to it | Reviewer: Pratik
    ------ About the song Sexy Sexy Lover performed by Modern Talking

After hearing the songs and reading the lyrics simultaneously I found that the song actually doesnt finish as is mentioned above .... there is more to it ....
the line is epetaed " Oh my sexy little lover ..... " atleast twice . May b m wrong but pls do check out

request | Reviewer: mostafa
    ------ About the song You Are Not Alone performed by Modern Talking

please give us free old versions of your songs like brother louie or you are not alone or you're my heart you're my soul that mr. tomas andres read the intro of the song. we live in a country that we can't pay for buying the songs (Islamic Republic Of Iran).
I bought the poems book and got the others from sing365 site and have your mp3 songs until 2004 but I don't have old songs.
in adittion you don't have new lyrics like (should I would I could I )
that are new from 2003 untill now.
people of iran love your songs and listen to them even in their cars with high volume.
thank you
mostafa mashhadizadeh

a little song of Modern Talking | Reviewer: TRung
    ------ About the song Cheri Cheri Lady performed by Modern Talking

I am Trung,from VietNam
I like songs of Modern Talking so ,decided to send my hope for your boyband,let me much of you
Thank you very much
i want to fanclub and join .

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