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Born September 11, 1965 in Harlem, New York City. Given the
legal name Richard Melville Hall. Given the nickname 'Moby'
at birth due to having Herman Melville as an ancestor.
Lived in a basement apartment in New York City with James
Hall and Elizabeth Hall and 3 pet lab rats, a dog named
Jamie, and a cat.

In 1967, James Hall killed in a car crash.

In 1967,moved with Elizabeth Hall (mom) to Danbury,
Connecticut to an apartment in a strange house by the
Danbury prison.

In 1968, first fell in love with a song, 'Proud Mary' by
CCR. More...

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Review about Moby songs
Such an entrancing song... | Reviewer: DM Ancruem
    ------ About the song My Weakness performed by Moby

I think I heard this song in "Gattaca", then on the Moby album. Absolutely entrancing and takes you to another place.
I'd love to know what's being said though. I know it's not english but it sounds like a group of young monks lamenting their "Weakness" in chant...

Amazing...simply amazing.

    ------ About the song My Weakness performed by Moby


The Chorus | Reviewer: D Jeanette
    ------ About the song Porcelain performed by Moby

I have loved this song since its first appearance...and even still I'm sure the chorus is: "Hey, Hey, Hey...Nobody knows my name." Give it another listen with this in mind and you will see that it sounds right and makes sense with the lyrics. Moby is brilliant!

sean's song x | Reviewer: claire
    ------ About the song Extreme Ways performed by Moby

my partner loves the bourne films and this song even more that he said he wanted it playing at his funeral my partner is now no longer with us and extreme ways was played at his funeral which means a lot to me iam grateful i have been able to view the lyrics to this song dnt just ring true wi bourne but wi my partner 2 r.i.p baby xxx

These are NOT the lyrics to "My Weakness." | Reviewer: John D.
    ------ About the song My Weakness performed by Moby

It's a shame that a piece of nonsense can be posted in one place on the internet and then winds up getting spread all over the place. Like these "lyrics," for example.

Moby's song "My Weakness" doesn't HAVE any english-language lyrics. What you are hearing is actually a looped sample taken from an album of African chants which Moby owned. He layered piano and synthesizer over the loop, added some effects, and that was it. He has explained this in interviews; you can look it up online.

I have the original 1959 recording of this song. | Reviewer: slick willie
    ------ About the song Flower performed by Moby

In 1959 Alan Lomax set out across the south and as far West as the Ozark Mtns. to record obscure folk singers singing from the heart, songs that had been passed down for generations. He recorded these songs in one room school houses, around the kitchen table and even out in the field. When he met Mattie Gardner, Mary Gardner and Jessie Pratcher he recorded them singing this song acapella. My dad bought this album in the 60's and I grew up listening to it. I'm now in my 50's and my dad recently gave me that album.

And I know that it SOUNDS like "bring" Sally up but I can confirm that the name of this song is indeed "Green" Sally Up.

Flower | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song Flower performed by Moby

This is a great song... my powerlifting coach plays this and everytime it says bring sally up we do a 12 inch leg lift and when it says bring sally down we do a 2 inch leg lift.. in the chorus we do scisors and keep doing it until the song is over

Slavery | Reviewer: Corry
    ------ About the song Flower performed by Moby

I agree it is about slavery it a touching sound. My karate teacher Freddy played this for the class and every time it said bring Sally down we had to squat and go down on a push up and everytime it said bring Sally up we went up.

still confused | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad ? performed by Moby

still doenst sound like these open doors to me after all these years - we always used to jokingly sing eel poppadum instead as that would certainly give heart burn / indigestion :-)

Moby / New Order's Temptation | Reviewer: Claudia
    ------ About the song Temptation performed by Moby

It's interesting to read how other people understand this song. That's the sign of a timeless work of art, it speaks to you personally.

To me, this song is about the torment of having an addiction and loving someone with the addiction problem. I hear it spoken in two voices, both from the person with the addiction who is crying for help and trying to stop and break the cycle, and from the person on the outside who is hurt and betrayed by the problem.

When i was a kid I used to jump around and dance to the New Order version, completely unaware of what it was actually saying. Now, as an adult hearing Moby's version and having experienced similar circumstances to the song, it is hauntingly beautiful.

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