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... | Reviewer: Mick Madison | 7/15/13

While I do agree that it is a top 100 song of all time, after listening to Bobby Parker's song "Watch Your Step," there is no doubt it was covered. I have no problem with anyone covering a song, but at least put something like "Inspired by..." It's disrespectful.

I can really see where Page's influence comes from. I like all of that. That late 50's early 60's catchy stuff. I've decided that if I want to play like Led Zeppelin, I better listen to their influences.

But anyway, Bonzo's solo rocks and Page's fills kill. Somehow, everyone o erlooks John Paul Jones. Its tough on thr bass. I think lyrics could have been added to the song to make it longer and more interesting, but too much would cover up the awesome instrumental part. Something simple and catchy.

Hell Yeah | Reviewer: Victor | 11/6/12

Jimmy Page is a badass on the guitar. In this song he has more of a bules rock than just straight rock, either way he still kicks ass. One of the greatest rockers who will burn in the minds of those who heard him.

Who cares... | Reviewer: Les | 9/7/11

@Anthony Who the fuck cares who did the song first? Led Zeppelin did it the best! That's a fact!

One thing I am wondering is why in the Hell this page even exists! There are NO lyrics to Moby Dick!

Bobby Parker did it first. | Reviewer: Anthony | 8/22/11

I hate to break the news to everyone but Moby Dick is a cover of Bobby Parker’s “Watch Your Step”. Bobby Parker first recorded the song in 1961 and then re-recorded it 1993.

If you really want to blow your minds, listen to “You Need Loving” by the Small Faces. Does it sound familiar?

WOW | Reviewer: Manbearpig | 5/18/11

I am currently listening to this song for the first time as I am typing, and all I have to say so far is: "HOLY SH*T!!" The drum solo is most excellent, Bonzo never disappoints! Page's lead riff is so CATCHY! I don't think I can get this out of my head, now...

Nobody could beat John Bonham | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/09

I adore this song. The guitar is awesome, and the drum solo through the genius! I do think, however, that there could have been lyrics put to it. The guitar has so much potential. Lyrics would have made this song unbeatable! But I still love it. R.I.P John Bonham. Your spirit still lives on in my mind! Nobody could ever beat you! Or match, for that matter. R.I.P.

incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

Nobody will ever come close to the drumming talent of John Bonham, and anyone whose idea of stopping in for a quick drink is 4 quadruple shots of vodka ( which contributed to his death that ight) is pretty badass in my book.

ioehghsg | Reviewer: balistic boy | 2/25/06

Moby dick is definately one of led zeppelins greatest songs, the way that John Bonham changes rythm and brings it back to the tune is just spectacular.

One of best Led Zeppelin songs of all time | Reviewer: jipsteinuyikaka | 5/21/05

this is one of Led Zeppelin's best songs of all time, despite there being no lyrics.

..... | Reviewer: Haley | 3/14/05

John Bonham was and still is the best Drummer of all time. How does he do it?

amazing | Reviewer: corey vanleeuwen | 10/25/04

this is one the best song of all time.....if you love shreding solos and the talanet and speed of the drumbs you aint herd anythin till you hear this

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