Mobb Deep Lyrics

Mobb Deep started at the age of 17 as educated juveniles
expressing lives
deteriorated by the ghetto. The lives they lead involves
pain and anger beyond the daily routine of normal
teenagers. When they are forced to live in housing projects
and look up to the street hustlers, who are making money
and getting the attention. They rebel by rapping , cause
they have talent and they know they wont be locked up.They
release Juvenile Hell in 1993 and they recieve instanst
attention from producers, DJ's and, record labels who see
they More...

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Review about Mobb Deep songs
Fuck all of yal jealous ass suckers... 2pac was better. | Reviewer: O'Stunner
    ------ About the song Drop a Gem On Em performed by Mobb Deep

2pac was the best... His music was real he wrote from the heart not the dictionary, FUCK ALL OF YAL JEALOUS ASS SUCKERS, when u jealous of a nigga u gon try your best to bring em down to your low level just like Mobb deep tried, Pac knew they wasnt on his level thats why he didnt even bother writing a whole track dissin mobb faggs he had betta things to do coz he was just better.

mobb deep illest | Reviewer: Ashish Tiwari
    ------ About the song Drop a Gem On Em performed by Mobb Deep

Pac was he's need to admire more talented rappers like havoc and prodigy..and on the basis of rhyming skills..i bet anyone if pac is better than rappers like NAS,mobb deep,immortal technique..they are the mainsource rappers..Rap originated from new york..the projects of new york...i believe that mobb deep literally killed him lyrically...good job mobb

i,m shook at South Africa | Reviewer: Blood Candy
    ------ About the song Shook Ones Pt II performed by Mobb Deep

"[Prodigy]-for all those who wanna profile and oppose rock u in the face stab your brain with your nose bone,u all alone in this streets cousin every man for theirself in this land we b gunnin and keep shook crews runnin lyk they suppose to,they come around but they never come close to'
"[Havoc]-for every rhyme u write it's 25 to life,yo it's a must the gats trust safeguardin my life,ain't no time for hesitatio',that only leads to incarceration u don't knoe me there's no relation"
this b da sh!t niggaz it's been dominating 4 more than a decade and it still tops this new school b!tches they even fail to make classics with good productions

hogay ig | Reviewer: moe
    ------ About the song Streets Raised Me performed by Mobb Deep

My life is hard I can't live my life all I need is a weed and my bitchif u try to come ass I just fucked up and if I see white bitch with her big ass she just getting fuck up with no permission and.I killed like 10 poeple and never being jail faaaam the police they can't catch me

A classic song | Reviewer: Trevor Hamberger
    ------ About the song Hell On Earth (Front Lines) performed by Mobb Deep

This is possibly the Mobb's best song. I just can't get enough of this song. If you will notice there is no name dropping, brand hawking, or any of that in this song. If you don't listen to this type of music I just don't know what to say. Its complete insanity that these types of songs are known by such a tiny fraction of the population

drop a gem on em | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Drop a Gem On Em performed by Mobb Deep

this song is not too shabby--i wonder if mobb deep could have released this track when pac was still alive.
neway mobb deep is no match for PAC....hands down!
I believe that mobb deep diss track is not that hype-its full of lies

how I feel | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dump performed by Mobb Deep

I love the song and I feel like I can relate to it - even though I should be be true to myself in church or jail. life is about keeping it real, but just because you can express yourself it doesnt give ANYBODY the right to judge me or you or anyone. and that must be the reason why I have to do what I have to do and be me INDIVIDUALLY. God bless

karim saadawi died | Reviewer: mustapha
    ------ About the song Shook Ones Pt II performed by Mobb Deep

this one he love mobb deep so so so much i remember him some time tray to right some like a peome and he sing i love karim coz my profe in the first life and the second i cant forguit u my love reale love and cleare...

sup | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Drop A Gem On 'Em performed by Mobb Deep

I don't know who won the beef. tupac had some straight evil verses, but mobb deep kept it real.. smoked and robbed the nigga, didnt mention his name once.

its like the nas and jay-z beef. they both had nice diss tracks (jays were better), but it was never a secret that nas is a little boy compared to jay-z. nas was agressive, talking a lot of shit on his records, while hova kept it cool, just remindin the doo that he fucked his girl, and that he (nas) snuck out the back door of a studio when he saw hova comin.

2pac, No Doubt | Reviewer: cmg_82
    ------ About the song Drop A Gem On 'Em performed by Mobb Deep

2pac's hit em up was not so creative cuz he mentioned names in that record. He wanted to leave no doubt of who he was going after. He got shot up and so subliminal shots were unusable to him. If he wanted to, he couldve destroyed mobb deep with subliminals but he chose to attack directly. Like on all eyes on me where he says "the feds is watchin/niggaz is plottin to get me/will survive will i die/ cmon lets picture the possibilities. Dam and the way he destroys that beat, no competition. Just ask mobb deeps homeboy, Nas, in one of his songs where he spits "whose the best/pac nas and big/ aint no best. He placed himself atop big but not pac. Nas is iller than mobb deep and he did not even mention them on that elite list. I dont think he is better than big though. Pac was above mobb deep, when u look at all the material and albums put togther. Subliminals were just not in pac, he was direct and wanted to leave no doubt, and mobb deep did not want it on a full scale with pac. Drop a gem is better than hit em up though, but only cuz pac made hit em up and bomb first like a statement to let them know it was on. He knew it was not a battle classic record. Pac was and still is above mobb deep.

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