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Serial Joe Mistake USA Version Lyrics

Last updated: 04/23/2001 03:55:04 AM

Do you know how to find, what your lookin' for
Stuck in a maze of promises, don't know what's real or not
Don’t promise you anything, I'll never lie
Do you even know what it is you want, do you even want to try?

Chorus x2
It's all a mistake
How long will it take
When the dreams are all gone
How long till you wake

Don't care how it came to this, wanna forget what I went through
Can he give you what need, you think that I can not
You’re in a state of mind games, it seems like a checkmate
None of us will win, and I don't think I can wait

Chorus x2

You left me wondering why
You left and I was denied, gone gone
If you could make up your mind
Lookin’ to you for a sign, gone gone
Don’t we belong
You’ve got it all wrong
You’ll come around but I’ll be gone
You know I’ll be gone

Chorus x2

How long till you wake x3