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Missy Higgins is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne.

Her music is unadorned and unforgettable. It's the reason
she's recently been the special on national tours by both
John Butler Trio and Pete Murray.

Missy Higgins was thrust into the limelight in mid-2001
while still at high school. She won the Triple J
"Unearthed" demo competition and her song "All For
Believing" became one of the station's most requested
tracks. Missy soon signed a recording deal with local label
Eleven: a music company (through Virgin/EMI). However,
instead More...

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Review about Missy Higgins songs
Missy Higgins is a force to be reckoned with | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Sound Of White performed by Missy Higgins

the most profound and sensitive lyics and song from Missy Higgins.
I believe this artist and woman is of great human wealth.
What a treasure of human nature Missy Higgins is.
The Sound of White touched every single cell of my being.
To be able to plummet those depths and come up again I admire this in any artist.
May Missy Higgins have all fine fortune from here on in.

oh wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The River performed by Missy Higgins

Omg I love this song. I heard it and liked the music. But then I looked up the lyrics and the meaning... I was crying. So sad. I think this girl could be katie from her other song. I thinks this song is about a girl being sexually abused. It says somebodys bed will never be warm again... and a darker world that no one should know. Or it could be child abuse. Thats what other people commented anyway. So idk.

whaddup | Reviewer: steph
    ------ About the song Scar performed by Missy Higgins

i love missy! who ever is bagging her out clearly has nothing better to do than hurt others, sick life mate. i didn't even know she was a lesbian though? i was always wondering why on earth a girl was in it.. huh. but yeaaah ily misss dawwwg

depression? | Reviewer: indigo
    ------ About the song Nightminds performed by Missy Higgins

I think missy is talking to her friend who has depression and she is saying that she has been there before
For example she says: "I know i know I know i knew before you got home" and then "this world your in now, doesnt have to be alone"
and finally when she says: "we will rise out of our nightminds" i think she is helping her friend rise out of her depression either way beautiful song msde me cry!!

Unhappy love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where I Stood performed by Missy Higgins

I believe this song is about a woman loving a man that she could never have. He was too hard to get, but she still loved him. He always stood up to her, and was there for her when nobody else was. He was the one making her whole and complete.

One time she stood in his room. And she who dares to be where she was, and doing more than they ever did.

They sometimes fight, and he apologizes in the end because he secretly wants her too. But the sad part is that he kind of already moved on with another girl.

Goodbye #8 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ten Days performed by Missy Higgins

This song is perfect for the situation I'm in. I have yo let the love of my life, my one and only true love go... And I know this is how I'll feel in probably less then one day... I dint know if I'll make it to 10 days. I can't have her and my kids too, this is honestly the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Life sucks. Why can't things just ever work out? Why must we always suffer one way or another? Anyway, I truly love you #8. you are my heart, my soul, my everything...and I will be so LOST without you. Please don't ever doubt my love, and please, please, please... Don't forget about me. Live always and forever....#203

nasty alert | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Scar performed by Missy Higgins

um you r being one of the bad people in the song if you keep saying shes a lesbian its not nice she sung that song for people to accept her and different people not so you can tease her whatever your name was.

She who Dares | Reviewer: Sparkle
    ------ About the song Where I Stood performed by Missy Higgins

I also think this song is about a woman in love with another woman. That is why she has to be 'daring' to stand where she stood, in the light with her lover. That's also why she says she once thought love was black and white: Wrong or right, but now she knows differently...Missy Higgins actually is bisexual and has many songs about former girlfriends, so I think my interpretation is valid.
I am dealing with attraction to my same sex friend right now, too. I feel like this song is the narration of what is going on in my heart.
I don't know what I've done/begun by dating her- and now by leaving her. I just know that until I know who I am and what I want for myself, I can't give her or a man or anyone my heart.
But I know that realizing that I loved her and that she loved me too helped me think for myself, based on what is right to me- not to society. So, that empowerment is what is helping me know that I have to leave her now.
("but you taught me how to trust myself, and so I say to you...this is what I have to do")
I don't know much--all I've ever been told to learn/do/love is what others say I 'should'.

Found 2 possibilities | Reviewer: Dee
    ------ About the song Where I Stood performed by Missy Higgins

So I've been listenng to this song repeatedly for months now. First I thought it was about a girl who loved the guy she was with but thought it was time to move on cause their relationship is just black and white and she's knows there's more out there. Then when I read the lyrics she states..." I don't know if I can't stand another hand upon me" so I'm thinking that she's madly inlove with him but she's learned that there more then that violence and that's why she also states ," ....she who dares stares where I stood". Whatever the case is, I love this song. All together it's about a girl strong enough to leave though she's inlove but she's knows there's more out there.

Sugar cane | Reviewer: Rebeccah Tyrrell
    ------ About the song Sugar Cane performed by Missy Higgins

I love this song! It brings back some sad memos though because when I was a kid I didn't have any friends so at Lunch time I used to walk around the oval singing songs to myself and crying. this was one of those songs. :(
Missy is such an amazing singer!!

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