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Future Missing Lyrics

Last updated: 01/16/2013 06:26:38 AM

We grab a funeral on your..
fuck around her and I’m missing
drop top off coop,
the brains all is dismissed.
Gas purple on your hair nigga,
you fuck around and call I’m missing
got a brand of new Bugatti nigga,
and my..came on this.

I ain’t seen em, how you seen em,
hell Lord I know you miss em,
last time a niggas aw he’s the world start dissin
and disrespect the fail try to go against the mall,
I’ma say 7 30, what’s the last touch she saw
heard the kidnapped the boy, but it could be a rumor,
investigation crap seen, they found the body bout..
his partner down the roll see me death threats and shots,
he flood in that system just staff for the dot,
a 20 dollar car maker, y’all nigga go hard,
going ..on myself and I get ..
you gonna fuck around and fuck around and fuck around you miss,
this the first and last time I warned you by this,


Hundred round that chopper nigga, hundred round that chopper,
..get you smoking
like a back of dope, yeah I get it’re running up, cut your foot on,
I get this key don’t flip em nigga,
and f*ck your hands off,
I half and grab a mollie knock your man off
a whole brick of boy they knock your fam..
they turned up right my way,
they turned up not my way,
brrr, they pulling up this brand everything
they pulling up and spread everything
they gonna flip your top for a whole day,


I had to realize, these niggas talking like hoes,
playing p**sy nigga gang don’t get no brain exposed,
nigga know like I know, never cost family and folks,
give me soft with your head, we make the fuck nigga for,
f*ck nigga decent then we ain’t playin attention
you ain’t gotta respond, just know we’re sending them killers,
roll the coop, you wanna be in the loop,
just know the circle too tight, we don’t f*ck with niggas like you,
a bag of their gas, some make me all niggas smash,
4 brick and a half, nigga whipe out all fast,
so keep it cooler nigga, what you’re doing look nigga,
follow rules little nigga, and salute little nigga.


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