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I step off the train
I'm walkin' down your street again
And pass your door
But you don't live there anymore
It's years since you've been there
And now you've disappeared somewhere
Like outer space
You've found some better place

And I miss you
(Like the deserts miss the rain)
And I miss you
(Like the deserts miss the rain)

Could you be dead?
You always were two steps ahead
Of ev'ryone
We'd walk behind while you would run
I look up at your house
And I can almost hear you shout, down to me
Where I always used to be

And I miss you
(Like the deserts miss the rain)
And I miss you
(Like the deserts miss the rain)

Back on the train
I ask why did I come again
Can I confess?
I've been hangin' 'round your old address
And the years have proved
To offer nothin' since you moved
You're long gone
But I can't move on

And I miss you
Oh-oh (Like the deserts miss the rain)
And I miss you, yeah
(Like the deserts miss the rain) And I miss you

I step off the train
I'm walkin' down your street again
Pass your door
I guess you don't live there anymore
It's years since you've been there
And now you've disappeared somewhere
Like outer space
You've found some better place

And I miss you
(Like the deserts miss the rain)
And I miss you, yeah
(Like the deserts miss the rain)
And I miss you, and I miss you
(Like the deserts miss the rain)
And I miss you, yeah
(Like the deserts miss the rain)

Deserts miss the rain
(Like the deserts miss the rain) Like the deserts miss the rain
(Like the deserts miss the rain)

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Speaks to everyone? | Reviewer: emstifier | 11/8/14

A song about lost friends, lovers, fathers, mothers, brothers; surely everyone's been there in some way? I've just listened to this on TOTP2 on BBC4 TV here in the UK, and although I've always liked the melody and the timbre of this record, it's lyrics have only just touched me for the first time.

To me, it's about my old mate. We were very close, but we allowed ourselves we drifted apart. I went looking for him recently, only to find that he had passed away. What effort does a phone call, a letter, an email or a christmas card take? None - but really that's all it takes to keep in touch.

I do indeed miss him like the deserts miss the rain, as do the young family he sadly left behind.

my dearest bro. | Reviewer: kierons sister | 8/30/14

This song could nhave been written for my brother, its lyrics are so spookily so true to life, especially the 'how could you be dead-you always were two streets ahead' then the reference to the train, (there was a railway station right behind his house). We have certainly missed him like the desserts missedthe rain!!!!! PPrecious doesn't evan begin to describe him.

memories | Reviewer: Kryztov | 7/18/14

i can totally relate with laurie, wether it's love or a past one the pain is in some way the same it's been 7 years since he's gone..still crying for him...i can't/won't erase the pain and empty spot you left behind. He was my father when i need a real dad..if tears could bring you back just for 5 minutes i would force my tearducts to produce more tears but i know ur with my grandma right know away from all the pain, guess i took the pain and fight it... as for the love part seeing her with someone else still hurts me knowing we could have such a great future our own home and things and know you moved with him having a house and i'm dwelling in memories of a broken past as i pass your house everything comes back your beautiful long hair your sweet face i definitly miss you. knowing the fact you still love me somehow makes it even harder when i talk to your parents it's such a relieve it's like everything's on my shoulders it's killing me but it's so sweet i guess your my forbidden drugs i need...

There really is no getting over some people | Reviewer: Rick | 10/15/13

In an era of facebook etc, the concept of not being able to find most people is kind of out of date. But it's even more difficult, in some ways, knowing what the person you love is doing after all these years. Seeing what I have missed and wished I could have. When I see pictures of her it just kills me. I am literally crying over my keyboard as I try to type this.

However the song is still relevant to me, since I don't know where she lives, and there's no way to reasonably find out. I know it sounds creepy/stalkerish, but I have often found myself driving around old places where we used to be together. The feeling is so intensely sad, and this song captures it perfectly.

this song dedicated to secien | Reviewer: a girl who in love with sea | 6/4/13

when i listen this song i realise one thing sea never forget secien so fast... and i just a shadow in his love life
if i could change her place with me so ikan see the smiling again i ll do

Tender.. and devastating | Reviewer: Jonas Rafael | 8/29/12

There are so many lines on this lyrics that are painful to the heart but
"I miss you like the deserts miss the rain" will always be one of my favourites.
One of the best lines ever, and EBTG deserves to be in the history of music just because of it, if for anything else.
One of my favourite "singable" songs which i do often, with deligth on every verse...

missing | Reviewer: Yarik | 6/9/12

I'm sitting at my girlfriend kitchen while she sleeping. It's 5 clock in morning. Yesterday, i heard this song on ringtone when her ex. called her. It's my favourite song. I can't sleep now. Tomorrow I'll all her about him. when i listening this song, I always think about love. About real love. What a fuck does she think when set this melody on ringtone?! Thank you for reading this.

I can't move on... and I miss you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/12

I love, love this song. It describes exactly the story of my first true love... he had to moved... and tears can come to me specially to the lyrics: "the years have proved to offer nothing since you moved, you're long gone, but I can't move on"... I miss him, and he'll always be irreplaceable.

Miss u | Reviewer: Jo | 1/14/12

Can I confess iv been hangin round Ur ild adress, years have proved to offer NOTHING since u moved, Ur long gone, I can't move on! I miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!! this song is most definatly about your 1st love, whenever I think of him, I just want to sing it. X

it's just my a-reminder for this stories and lyrics and people | Reviewer: de | 12/31/11

that sergey and larry were-are best friends and she has her "red dress" stopping at his house i guess i heard it before.
that he- smo named yejjy casinsky he was in the 2-war around country houses-the house the deserted house the bathroom what else-tebbaco and soft classical music symphonies in any rate what are you doing /thinking when you here this song over&over

i guess this woman was ment to love him thats a-story...
that he had to disapear i guess hes the absoulotly this writer cazinsky is a father in the lyrics+books i guess it was wilde.

any way i itent to say- he have to get out and shes says i want you to be here right-o.k.? like in my tummybelly like a baby and he says somthing about_ _ and all...
then a-b b-a a-b-c rythem. i just love nothing but the girl and this casinsky writer
i know i'm weird..i'm diffrent i',m 175 santimeters fr a girl,shiny black hair smooth like its smtimes a big snozzer i

1995 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/11

My first school crush <3 . Back in 1995 I was in love with him and he loved me 2 but I was to shy , life went on and never saw him again .Now on November I find him and he makes me feel the same way ,he tells me that he loves me and he sent me a couple of songs including this one . I feel I love him more than ever , music is Life xx

Missing you Maro | Reviewer: emalak | 8/1/11

it's been i love a girl over the internet and we are really really in love we both live in the same country, little far from each others but due to her family which is really strict i can't even meet her and now adays her sister told her mother that her little sister has contact with a guy over the internet and today she told me that she is going to forget me...im already missing her :-(
She is just a beautiful angle, i can't lose her or live without her

u | Reviewer: miss u | 7/21/11

many years ago ,, i was 16 and fell in love with a girl who lived a few blocks away and spent a lot of time together.she moved away its been years since i have heard from or seen her. every time i visit my parents, on my drive back i drive pass by her house and feel very sad, i miss you deeply and this song describes everything how i feel every time.

and i misss you | Reviewer: stan | 7/21/11

have not heard this song in years, now that I did tears cannot stop falling from my eyes, her and her family moved far far away out of the country. I was think of what could have been. this song hits the spot with its very poetic and strong lyrics, now to keep crying till its out of my system :(

miss you mike... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/11

I miss all the conversations we used to have...I miss your brown eyes, your soft lips, your smell in my tshirt, your hands in my hair...all the things I wanted to do with you...our dreams....our future...miss you forever mike...come back...

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