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Mary J. Blige Missing You Lyrics

Last updated: 03/07/2010 10:00:00 AM

[Verse 1:]
I'm not in love
It's just some kind of thing I'm goin thru
Goin' thru, goin' thru
And it's not infatuation
Ain't nothin goin on between me and you
Me and you, me and you
But I dream about it every night, baby
Wantin you here with me
Makin love to me
And oh...

I'm missin you like crazy
Body and soul is achin'
I'm out of control
Missing you so

I'm missing you
Missing you
I'm missing you
Missing you
I'm missing you

[Verse 2:]
I'm not in love, oh no no no
And that's what I just keep tellin' myself
Over and over again
And I'm not the least bit amused by it baby
Yet still I don't wanna be with nobody else
No no no
And I dream about you all the time
Touchin' and kissin' me
And makin love to me
And oh...


God knows I'm tryin to keep you out of my head
I ain't tryin to love no one
I ain't tryin to get hurt again, no
But there's something that just gutts in my skin
And all I know is I can't let go
And that's the way it is


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always love you | Reviewer: kim | 3/5/10

I've been a Mary J. Blige Fan since I could remember. Shes someone that I can relate to when Im going through a terrible time and she always come through in the time of need. I love you Mary keep doing your thing girl!!!!!!!!!!

Always on point | Reviewer: Tiara | 9/12/09

I've been a Mary fan since back in the day (real love single). She has always been on point with her messages in her songs whether she wrote them or not. This song always finds me, as it seems that love always does to, and with that a little heartache. Denial usually means fear, but we all know that the first step foward is admitting. In the song she won't admit her love but she admits to the loneliness and disance she feels in her heart. I miss mine, but sometimes the things and the people we want the most aren't necessarliy what we need. Amen mary. This song gets me thru those times.

Seems like her lover has gone away... | Reviewer: JAG | 11/6/07

...and she only realizes with the distance how much she is in love with him. She's keeps telling herself she is not in love, but she is only now realizing that she is a love sick puppy missing her lover (whether he is an ex-love or not).

It Relates 2 Me... | Reviewer: Ms. LaLa | 6/1/05

This song is exactly what I'm goin' thru right now. I'm not in love but I can't let go of the one I was with. He has moved on but I haven't. This song speaks to me and it's scary how it relates to a teen like me. Thank you, Mary, for this song!!!