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Though I'm missing you
(Although I'm missing you)
I'll find away to get through
(I'll find away to get through)
Living without you
Cause you were my sister, my strength, and my pride
Only god may know why, still I will get by

I would've known, that you had to go
so suddenly, so fast
How could it be, not a sweet memory would be all
All that we had left
Now that you're gone, every day I go on
(I go on)
But life just not the same
(Life just not the same)
I'm so empty inside, and my tears I cant hide
but I'll try to face the pain


Oh there was so many things
That we could have said, un-huh
If time was on our side
(Time was on our side)
Ooh, Yeah
Now that you're gone, i can still feel you near
So I'll smile, with every tear i cry


How sweet, were the losses to spare?
But I'll wait for the day
When I'll see you again, see you again, yeah


I'm missing you
(altough i missing you,i'll find a way to get through)
missing you...

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i hope you you rest in peace i miss you my grandmother | Reviewer: Catesha | 2/25/13

everytime i listen to this song it makes me cry.my grandmother was my all in one i loved her with all my heart she was so young she did not get to reach 60 years old but i know in my heart that she is in a better place i love her so much

My strength and my pride | Reviewer: Mary | 2/17/13

I have always loved this song, however on 02/22 my oldest sister would be gone for seven mos. And when I heard this song again just recently I cried like I lost my sister all over again I miss her so damn much the void that I feel will never finish until I see my sister again. But this song will be my tribute to one of the worlds most Alpha, loving,caring Sister I love and miss you so.

Love this | Reviewer: Dee | 11/27/12

I love this song I lost my twin sister 05/16/99, and everytime I hear this, I just cry,cry,cry. I'm older and stroner now but this is a song that will always touch my heart every word in this song is special. My sister death was sudden,I dedicate this to her on our birthday every year 12/11, it's approaching fast.

I love you mommy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/12

This song reminds me of the sweet memories I shared with my mother.she died on Oct the 2th 2006..I was in grade 8,my lil brother was 11yrs old and our lil sister was 3yrs old...I miss her dearly and wish she was here to see how much I've grown and the LADY I've become and how my siblings have been keeping up..m turning 21 next year..10FEB 2013..wish u were here....But it was God's will that u leave us RIP..GOD is taking good care of us...will meet again!!!!crying

Reading all the comments | Reviewer: Mia | 6/10/12

I read all the comments & listened to the song at the samn time.. It makes me think, you guys are so strong cayse I dont know what I would do without my little sister nadia, shes 14 & I'm 15. We do everything togetheer, & sometimes we take eachother for granted and we shouldnt cause we everknow when wcould lose one another. She told me if she ever dies before me or I die before her she wants this song to be played at the funeral. I hope we have MANY years before being separated, I might not tell her I love her everyday but I do so very much. I love you little sister.

ocean of tear | Reviewer: Ogbu Shakespeare | 1/10/12

This song reminds me of my angel by name..happiness. oh my angel,my joy and my peace.why have u choose to go.any- time i played this album tear runs out my eyes.oh my dear and my joy rest in peace.i will never forget u,that's my promise...I WILL ALWAY MISS AND LOVE YOU. Bye...forever but one faithful day we shall meet again.i cry as i write this...

jazzie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/12

When I hear this song it reminds me of my grandpa he was my everything my dad my teacher my hero my life and I miss him so much there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him I wish he was here to see me graduate I kno he's in a better place than here but it hurts to kno he's not here with me but I kno ima see him again l love you pa pa save me a a spot

I love u big brother | Reviewer: daionna | 12/31/11

This goes out to my big brother david johnon he died at the minrate I am his little sister daionna I'm 9 years old and when he died I was in tears because I never met him and my dad told me that he was going to take me to see him but it is all over for that and every single time I listen to this song I cry thank u brandy for making this song. And thank u god for putting him in a better place I love u brother

gone too soon | Reviewer: devon | 11/29/11

this song actually brings streams of tears 2 my eyes as it brings back memories of my grandfather who was taken away pre-maturely from me... he was killed on june 26,2007. i miss him so much.. especialy because i was to spend the summer of that year with him and they tok him.. persons might say i am soft but it takes a man to cry and i will continue to cry cause i am really hurting over what happened.

we miss yuh tasha` | Reviewer: amber | 10/7/11

i love listen tu this song its so beautiful and it reminds me of my sweet cuzin tasha that passed away we miss her so much and we would do anything to get her back tasha i kno yur lookin down on me i love yuh so much (= yur lil cuzin amber

TO MY FIANCE | Reviewer: norma | 6/23/11

i lost my fiance in a car crash on the 05/05/2011, we were getting married in August. i miss you so much baby, this song brings tears to my eyes especially when i think of how happy you were that m caring our first child, may your soul RIP i will never forget you and love you so much

luv u | Reviewer: tutubankz | 6/2/11

i have ma sister that passed away,i was listening to this song since she passed away ,i miss her so much i luv u sister,actual she was ma best friend, but she was like a sister to me,

missing you | Reviewer: empressiza | 2/1/11

have a sister that passed away in a car crash going for nine years since she passed away. this song is very touching because i heard this song from a young age..i was only 9.i miss her so much and all i could do now is to remember the sweet times we spent together.i love her so much and miss her...missing you sistrin..this song always makes me cry!!i love this heart so much..i could relate to it!!

to my love ones. love you guys hope your enjoying heaven | Reviewer: whitney lopez | 10/2/10

ever since you guys left me here on earth i feel like i have no were to go i just feel lonley and left out.and evry time i hear this sweet song it just makes me feel you are by my side thanks to BRANY she have a great lyrics that i love listening too and this goes out to all my love ones.and one and only friend.bye

always remembering yall | Reviewer: velma f | 8/6/10

To all my love ones that just up and left me in 09 this is for yall I love you Uncle MC, Grandma Love and last but not least my fav lil cuzion Shady Blue yall gone but will nvr be forgotten in my eyes continue to watch over me u guys are my guardian angels and everytime I hear this song each verse is for one of you this song is definitely I a great one:)

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