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Selena Missing My Baby Lyrics

Last updated: 01/28/2008 10:00:00 AM

Selena talk part:
Sometimes at night when I go to sleep I
Hold my pillow tight thinking of
You till it hurts. But in my mind I
Know you're mine and somewhere you're
Thinking of me too.

Full Force:
I miss you, thinking of you. You're always on my mind.

Selena 1st verse:
You're always on my mind,(day and night)day and night
When i think of you boy, everything feels so right
Well, i often think of the happy times we spent
Together and I just can't wait to tell you that I love you

Selena 2nd verse:
Time keeps passing by (You're not here) you're not here
I feel so all alone
When I don't have you near. But I often think of the happy times we spent together, and i just can't wait to tell you that I love you.

Selena and Full Force Chorus:
I'm Missing my baby, Missing my baby
I wanna hold you tight and never let you out of my sight.
Missing my baby, missing my baby
I gotta feel your heart beat (your heart beat) Next to mine
Gotta feel it (feel it)

Repeat 2nd verse
Repeat Chorus

Full Force:
Thinking of you is all I do its the next best thing
to being with you and baby, hey

Selena and Full Force:
Gotta have you (have you) gotta hold you (hold you)
Got to have your lovin' (I gotta have you)

And tell you that I love you
And I really miss you
(I miss You)

Repeat chorus
I miss you, thinking of you
You're always on my mind

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i miss you selena!!! | Reviewer: gisenia | 1/26/2008

i think this is the best song and its just sad that selena isnt here with us because she was a very nice person inside and out...and i think that she was an angel the whole time and plus she had a voice of an angel...i watch that movie alll the time and i start to cry...but i want to tell the family that even though shes gone shes going to always be with us and they should be proud...i wish them the best and i am soo soo sorry for their lost..COMO LATINA SELENA I LOOK UP TO YOU TE AMO Y EXTRANO <3