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Aaliyah Miss You Lyrics

Last updated: 05/24/2011 11:00:00 AM

oh-h-h, hey yea yea yea, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Its been way too long, and I'm lost without you
what am I gonna do, said I been needing you, wantin' you
wonderin if your the same, and who's been with you
isn't your heart still mine, I wanna cry sometimes(I miss you)

(verse 1)
Off to college, yes you went away
straight from highschool, you up and left me.
We were close friends, also lovers.
Did everything, for one another.
Now your gone and I'm lost without you here now.
But I know I gotta live and make it some how.

Come back to me
can you feel me
hear me, callin
for you(cause its)

It's been way to long, and I'm lost without you,
What am I gonna do, said I been needing you,wantin' you (wanting you)
wonderin if your the same, and who's been with you
isn't your heart still mine, I wanna cry sometimes(I miss you)

(Now I'm sitting here..)

thinking bout' you, and the days we used to share
Its driving me crazy, I don't know what to do,
I'm just wondering if you still care
I don't wanna let you know, that its killing me,
I know you gotta another life you gotta concentrate, baby

repeat bridge x's 1

repeat chorus x's 2

(I miss you)
i-i-i-i-i-i(I MISS YOU)
i-i-i-i-i-i(i miss you)

I-can't-breathe-no-more(no more, no)
since you went away
I, don't really feel like talking (no)
no one here to love me(no,no,no)
baby, don't you understand me
I can't do Any-thing without you

repeat chorus [until fade]

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Aaliyah | Reviewer: KeyshaBby - iLoveMahMelek . ! | 5/24/11

Aaliyah , Yhu So Pretty ' Yhu My Idol & Iff Theyy Don't Be Sayyingg " R . I . P " Aaliyah Den Somethingg Musxt Be Wronggg ' iLove & iMiss Yhu Aaliyahh ' Yhu Mean So Much To Me & Plus My Momma LOVE Your Song " Can I Come Over " iLove Your Song " Rock The Boat " Ihts Lovelyyy ' I Jusxt Love The Way Yhu Rocked The Boat On B . E .T " Aaliyahh " Yhu Be Killn'em ' Byeee Phat > 3 > 3

- Free Mah Phatt Melek > 3 > 3

missin u alwayz | Reviewer: Cookiez | 11/9/08

baby girl aaliyah I miss u so much an everytyme I hear dis song I cry u were and still the greatist u jus passed when I was in 5th grade it was an impact an payne but only good nos y. bye always keept in my heart lov R.I.P Aaliya an 2pac. peace out

A great Person | Reviewer: Quanda | 5/26/08

Aaliyah I admire you. I'm only 9 yrs old. When I grow up and if I have a baby girl I'm going to name her after you. Because your a great person.
Yeah people say your to young to die but nobody is ever to young to die.
Everyone will miss and love you but your probaly saying.....
''Think of happy/fun times''. I'm doing that, and it's okay to cry because I know your not gone your still in our hearts that's where you're going to stay. I love you and miss you.

miss you | Reviewer: tinara | 3/26/08

hey guys
i have a few fav singers but ma fav is Aaliyah nd i rep da main man tu pac shakura no one can rap like him nd no1 can sing like may they both rest n piece with our lord jesus christ. may they both rest n piece..peice out

I miss you | Reviewer: Jesseca | 1/15/08

Aaliyah used to be my fav singer and tupac used to be my fav rapper I miss them both.....Now im sitin here thinkin bout you and the days we used to share its driving me crazy i dont wat to do i just wonderin if you still care I dont wanna let you know that its killin me I know you gotta another life you gotta concentrate baby thats my fav part R.I.P Aaliyah my girl.
R.I.p Tupac my fav rapper.

Aaliyah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/07

i miss you Aaliyah.. i was onli little wen she died but wen eva i hear any of ur songs it makes me think. i cant belive your dead and no1 can do anything about it. I can realate 2 ur songs ur dance moves are AMAZING wen eva theres a song video on the tv i always try nd picture myself doing that. But ciara and all those other rnb singers tryna be like u no1 can eva replace u! R.I.P Aaliya xxxxxxxxx

missin you | Reviewer: aliya | 9/3/07

i always think of aaliyah when i listen to this song. we miss u girl! ur a real inspiration and a true role model! rest in peace.

p.s. we've almost got the same name, and i'm so proud of that!

missiing | Reviewer: lyric | 8/28/07

i miss aaliyah and tupac and lefteye dey was so yung and shold of lived longer but we no der all gone but neva forgetten.......I LOVE DIS SONG!!!!

aaliyah | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/21/07

everyone miss aaliyah including me i loved her so much and when i listen do this song i start crying but i really love this song thats why i
listening to it.hope shes having fun near god.
R.I.P.P=rest in perfect peace.

i love youuuu

Miss u | Reviewer: Qierra | 4/18/07

i luv u so much i miss ciara and them ugly h03s trying 2 take over but they anint got nothing on u FORRRRRR REALLLLLLLL!