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Maria Mena Miss You Love Lyrics

Last updated: 06/07/2012 11:00:00 AM

I've run out of complicated theories
So now I'm taking back my words
and I'm preparing for the breakdown
Your t-shirt's lost its smell of you
And the bathroom's still a mess
Remind me why we decided this was for the best

Because I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you

I know the distance is a factor
But I stretch as often as I can
My goal's to reach your hands any day now
Please don't blame me for trying
To fix this one last time
I have a hard time as it is

Because I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love

Don't act like you don't know me
It's still me I never changed
I'll be here when you come back

And I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you

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still missing him | Reviewer: tamanna saini | 6/7/12

love dis songgg .... n nowww misssngggg himmm mor thann nythnggg ... he is everthng for me my life ma god ... evrythngg ... smthng wnt so badlyy so he decd to end the relatsndhp ..... just to avoid fyts and all .... some mistakes wer mine alsoo bt i was misssingg the spark of our relationn v were together for 2 yrss .. bt its alll over .. misssngg himm n going to love him forever ..

Jolanda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/12

My heart is broken today, My parents died 1.8 years ago, but I just had a relation with my love of my life for 1 month. After my parents died she moved in with me and now she decided she wants to be single. I bought everything for her, she lived for free at my place, and now I got my heart broken, I really don't know what to do, she is the only one who keeps me alive, I live for her, she everything for me. Really don't know what to do... She's the world to me, I will give everything for her love...

L.O.V.E | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/11

my boyfriends name was actually love....
and i miss him so badly....
we live 5 hours apart....
and we decided it was for the best not being together....
we still love each other but he couldn't handle the distance....
it's 3 weeks since the breakdown....
and it still hurting me....

I miss | Reviewer: meaningless | 3/17/11

We are both in a relationship, but nothing commitment yet. We started as friend, just friend. Time goes by, we fall for each other. He expressed his feeling for me and we had good time together. He is the one who I can share every detail, concern, worry and happiness of my life. He allows me to be open and freely be myself. I fell so comfortable around him.

He is now somewhere I don't know and I miss him. I wish I can see him, just for a moment...I will do all I can...I really miss you and the song...just make me miss him more and more

Heartbreak. | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 9/15/10

Heartbreak is an awful thing to experience. It's more than awful. It is the most sickening, painful feeling in the world. It is the loss of the sunshine, and the gain of constant darkness. It is the loss of happiness, and the gain of excrutiating, overwhelming sadness. I have had my heart broken. I have felt the way many have felt. I love my ex with all of my heart, I'm always going to have a spot for him. The days spent with him were the best I've ever experienced. The way I would get so nervous, shake and get red everytime he looked at me. The way just one simple touch would calm me completely and I felt invincible. When he left, I was a wreck. I felt sick to my core. And sometimes - I still do.. Pain never really goes away. It just lessens to keep the mind from losing itself.

its hard | Reviewer: stefanoohjh | 3/17/10

its just so hard to hear this song, its just like i have a broken heart. the distance between my en the love of my life is so big that we just cant live with each other en go our seperated our own ways without saying a word ... we dont talk no more. its hard.. maria mena, she is the best! she helps me with everything i miss you my love

Real Love | Reviewer: Missy | 2/10/10

I fell in love for the first time. A little less than a week ago my heart was broken. It's hard. For now, I am trying to decide if I see a point in falling for anyone ever again. Love is painful. However, it's worth it when it counts. I hope one day I will find a love like I had with Sarah. Until then, I will love myself. In reality no one will love you, until you love yourself. So here's to anyone who has experienced real heart break. Not puppy love, or lust. REAL love. REAL heart break. Here's to the people who can't breathe because the person they love hasn't given them their lungs back. To the person who can't see because they only have eyes for the person who no longer has eyes for them. Here's to you guys. May you find love and happiness. This song's perfect for missing love. Your love.

My Shmoopie. | Reviewer: Nikki. | 10/19/09

I don't ever do this.

I love him, you know? He means everything to me. I sound so cliche, and I'm not one for words. But I really do love him. I'm not going to state my age, or his. But damn, he is the greatest person I have ever encountered. 15 hours away. It breaks my heart. You know, to not touch them. To not feel their touch. Or hear them whisper in your ear. It's heart crushing.

We may fight a lot, but I love him. With all of my being, all of my heart. He makes me laugh, and we can talk for hours.

I want to grow old with him.
I want to spend my life with him.
I love him.

Where's My Love Chance i Miss The Love | Reviewer: AfRoo | 7/5/09

Hello , really i dont know what i have to say right now i broke and missing a love im a male same any one else who's like a fun sport pla pla some else thing but i dont have a real girl in my heard till now i can make it in one day but i cant find who i want and thinking about who care about me not about what i have or who i am , i really miss the love i wrote this message to tell the all i am here missing the love try to conect me maybe we can be lovers as them, my Name's Ahmed 2-agu-1987 -, hope u reanswear me sooon guys take care and good luck, peace out , xoxo

aww | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/09

i was looking for another song of her to download and i clicked this one accidentally.. i decided not to cancel it, but to listen it instead. GREAT CHOICE. 5 secs were enough to fall in love with the melody in first place... then i listened very calmly and i loved it even more... that all that i wanted to say hehe. dedications? mm no, but i send a huge hug to all of you who miss someone and this song fits to you :)

I MISS YOU LOVE. . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/09

Every time i hear this song i cry. it reminds me of MY LOVE. . .we were together for almost 2 years. i miss him so muchh. i still love him with all my heart. i can't bare it. i still think about him every day & i know he's probably forgotten me. . .& it hurts sooo much.
this song is dedicated to him.

OUR STORY! | Reviewer: Kerrissa | 1/17/09

I found this song by accident!
I listened to it and it touched me instantly!
My boyfriend Mirza and I have been together since
5-31-08. We were used to the long distance seems
as how he lived in Chicago and i lived in
Grand Rapids Michigan..3 hours apart. Well,
We moved to florida in September...we lived
together for a few months...but he had to leave
to go back to chicago to finish school..
Before he had to go he sprayed a shirt of his
with his cologne and left it for me to keep. This line from the song applies to that [[Your t-shirt's lost its smell of you]], and i find that
very interesting that its soo on the dott!! Because its true!
We talked about why it was for the best... [[Remind me why we decided this was for the best]] also, the line [[And the bathroom's still a mess]], this is very true!!

Also, seems as how we are distant again [[I know the distance is a factor]]- We've talked about this but still keep strong.

[[Please don't blame me for trying
To fix this one last time
I have a hard time as it is]]- this goes along
with some certain things that have went on..

And last but not least..[[I'll be here when you come back]], he is coming back and i will be here for him...[[Because I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love
I miss you love]]-Thats obvious...i miss him so very much]]!!

I really love him!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/09

Is one of my favorite songs!!!It's remind me my boyfriend whom I have many problems this year..We are 2 years together and I don't wanna lose him now for fully reasons!!I love you babyyy..I really loveee and "I 'll be here when you come back..I miss youuu love!!!Come and make me yours again!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/08

i'm a girl. i'm completely in love with a girl. She loves me just as much, or even more. We stayed together for one month, the best of my life. No one knows....There's no future for us, we are both "straight" but we love each other SO much....she broke up with me yesterday...."this is how things are" "this is for the best"...she is 500miles away from me, there's nothing i can do about it....yeah, LIFE'S A BITCH

BROKEN HEART | Reviewer: MARLEN | 12/13/08