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Ne-Yo Miss Independent (Remix) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/28/2009 10:00:00 AM

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(lil wayne)yung money
(jay-z)yea turn the music up turn the lights down i'm in my zone
yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea yeaa

(kanye west) fresh off the plane koneechiwa bitches turn around another plane my passport un zip it. as for what i did it, that asshole dun did it, talked it, then he lived, spit it then he shit it. i don't need right tears, i might bounce ideas, but only i could come up with some shit like this. i didn't play the underdog my whole career, i've been a very good sport haven't i this year?

(jay-z) like the mama you birf me, brooklyn you nurse me, school me with hardnoxs, better then berkely. they said you merc me by the time i was 21, that shit disturbed me, but you never hurt me. hello brooklyn if we had a daughter guess what imma call her, brooklyn carter, when i left for virginia it didn't offend ya, cuz you i only stepped out to get dinna.

(ne-yo) ooo it's sumthin about sumthin about the way she move i can't figure it out therrs sumthin about her. say ooo there's sumthin about kinda women that want chu but don't need you. and i can't figure it out there's somethin about her.

cuz she walk like a boss talk like a boss manicured nails to set the pedicure off, she's fly effortlessly. and she move like a boss, do what a boss do she got me thinkin about gettin involved, thats the kind of girl i need.

she got her own thing, that's why i love her. miss independent, won't you come and spend alittle time. she got her own thing, that's why i love her, miss independent ooo the way she shines miss independent.

yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea yeaaa.

(lil wayne)rydin by myself well really not really, so heavy in the trunk make the car poppin really. hoo weezy baby ya call me yung baby, my money 360 you only want 80. half, well the game to lazy, still sleepin on me, well i'm bout to wake em i'm bout to take em to new orleans and bake em. yea it's hot down here, take a walk with satan. comon mama let the carter make ya, toss shit like a fruit salad, strawberry grape ya. they ball when they can ballin by nature addicted to the game like jordan and payton. yall in the racin, me i'm at the finish line, been runnin for too long it's time to gimmie mine. straight down ya chiminey your livin room is i, weezy allergic to winter time.

yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea. yea yea yeaaa.

(hoohh)she got her own thing, that's why i love her (that's why i love her). miss independent(independent) won't cha come and spend alittle time. she got her own thing (she got she got) that's why i love her miss independent hoo the way you shine, miss indenpendent.

miss independent, that's why i love her.

we outta here baby.

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