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I had the Polo with all the patches on it that say Hilfiger on the back when I met her
So all them niggas that wore a uniform on the first day could forget it

[Verse 1:]
She a brown skinned Goddess, everything she got is
All labeled up this girl ain't never played the bus
She just strolled by, but naw can't never wave at us
My nigga did talk to her once but she ain't never gave it up
And Damn, I think I wanna Captain Save Her up
But them older niggas got cars and I could never save enough
I tell her I don't make cents right now, but I will
And it don't make sense right now, but it will
Miss Donna Karen, Body so proper
Baby sized Jordan's on, all the dudes Jock ya
Just to get close I think I oughta move lockers
Instead of telling my niggas, What I oughta do is stop ya like

[Hook x2: LAUSD]
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Miss Donna Karen, I don't know
If it's the way that you wear it, put me on
Your the reason why I wrote this song
I'm a sing it to you on the way home

[Verse 2:]
She like that one Polo Jacket that you missed on sale
I wanna say they C's and them hips so swell
That clear Candy Gloss hit her lips so well
That if I maybe got the chance I'll probably lick your
Well?... Naw! I'm just trying to take a trip somewhere
Crenshaw and Fox Hills, let's pick somewhere
I'll pay for the food, just sit somewhere
I wanna build a future girl, let's get somewhere, Yea
I'm Cliff Huxtable and you can be my Clair, Yea
I saved my Lunchable's just so I could share, Yea
I gotta stunt for you, so I'm up at lunch for you
Hoopin in my Tommy's tryin to show you I could dunk for you (Haha)
So tell me if I made the cut (Yep), Tell me if I made this up
Miss Donna Karen, Lookin like a poster
You ain't gotta mess with me cause everybody wants ya like

[Hook x2: LAUSD]

[Verse 3:]
Miss Donna Karen, bubble gum smacker
Style it like Aaliyah, put the fitted on backwards
Miss Donna Karen, I'm wishin we was older
Let's watch the box and just skip all the homework
Miss Donna Karen, I love you like my Griffeys
I try to be affectionate and all you do is hit me
Miss Donna Karen, she like, "I don't want no hickeys"
"Cause when I come home, Dom my mom gone get me" like

[Hook x2: LAUSD]

Ay, remember when you would put the PE shorts on over your skirt so your mom wouldn't see you? (Miss Donna Karen)
And you and your home girl used to have them blow pops with the Jolly Ranchers around them. It was like a dollar
And that was back when we was getting in trouble. Dancin for the smallest chicks that hit from last night

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------ Performed by Dom Kennedy

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------ 09/02/2014

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