Misfits Lyrics

It started as a twisted dream"... 25 years ago in a small
town in New Jersey called Lodi. It was there in April of
1977, at the dawn of the punk movement, that the Misfits
were born. Taking the title of Marilyn Monroe's last movie
as their name in a move to immortalize her image - singer
Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only set out to make an
impression. They wound up making history and creating a
legacy that's power has not only stood the test of time,
but transcended into an entirely new generation. Lineup
changes followed and by More...

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Review about Misfits songs
My take on She | Reviewer: Annie
    ------ About the song She performed by Misfits

"She" was recorded 3 times, in each one I hear a different thing!

1977 "Cough cool" single. Here I clearly hear "she loves naked sin, kill the evil man"

1985 "Legacy of Brutality" album. I hear "she loves snakes and sex, he 'loves' Evil Dead"

1997 "Static age" (recorded in 78'). I hear "she loves naked sins, kill the eagles there"

LOL, I wish Danzig would clarify this.

I like tentacle eyes | Reviewer: George Clooney
    ------ About the song Crawling Eye performed by Misfits

You just cant argue with lyrics like this.. I mean if some giant eyeball monster with tentacles were gonna get you, and you sang about it ..you would have to be as blunt as these lyrics were.
You cant waste time in your lyrics if theres a earth invasion of eyeball aliens... you need to be to the point. God the Misfits are brilliant.

I just don't get it | Reviewer: FiendClubEbin
    ------ About the song Saturday Night performed by Misfits

How could so many people hate on Graves era misfits, when they made 2 amazing records with songs as awesome as this one it just blows my mind. I'm a fan through and through, not just Danzig era because recognize an amazing vocalist and song write such as Graves. It's fucking sad they split up so early man.

She | Reviewer: JDonovan
    ------ About the song She performed by Misfits

At first I thought is was about a movie from 32' then remade by Hammer studios. But after looking at the actual lyrics, it does seem a lot more likely that its about Pattie Hurst.

There was something I forgot to say | Reviewer: bzilla
    ------ About the song Saturday Night performed by Misfits

One night I was driving around with a lady friend of mine and this song came on a cd I made. She said, "I love this song!" So she started singing along and so did I. The night was warm, we were driving around with the windows down, blasting loud rock music I don't know man, it's about serial murder, but it evokes such a warm memory. GOOD TIMES

Misfits aren't sellouts | Reviewer: Krysii
    ------ About the song Dig Up Her Bones performed by Misfits

Everyone claiming they are sell outs can f**k themselves. And if you believe they are, be mad at the original members going through with it, not Graves cause he did a D**n good job being the vocalist. Besides, if you were an actual talented singer and were offered lead vocals to a huge band, would you decline? I think not. Anyways..

This is one of my favorite songs by Graves ^_^ oh, and yes, I love Danzig.

SHUT UP!!!! | Reviewer: Vlad
    ------ About the song Dig Up Her Bones performed by Misfits

Quit calling everyone retards , and true misfits fans wouldn't be complaining what era this is from, I mean does it matter that much, and my favorite band Iron Maiden doesn't have it's original vocalist so just stop complaining!!

kids say the damndest shit ! | Reviewer: dee stroyed
    ------ About the song Dig Up Her Bones performed by Misfits

haha i read some reviews on here and its funny to hear a kid say he was the first one at his school to listen to it on his i pod i remeber when i was luggin my tapes and cds around with me and never openly saying i was a punk rocker if you gotta tell people what your going for your not doing it right its not a fashion thing its a state of mind punk is the spirit of rebellion its about throwing bottles of gas at the establishment telling your teachers they're wrong and proveing to the world your not some flash in the pan junkie and getting over your blue hair and your ayyp patches and ordering your plaid pants online for 80 bux its gotten ridiculosly out of terms now adays but every generation has the right to be stupid i guess ----cheers DEE.

The retard award goes to... | Reviewer: Patric
    ------ About the song Dig Up Her Bones performed by Misfits

And the Massive retard award of 2012 goes to..... Reviewer: Big Daddy; for his awful sense of humor(or is it plain stupid?). Starting of a post calling everyone else but yourself a retard is just legendary failstatus.

Deeply into song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hybrid Moments performed by Misfits

I can love every band that gives all its sould to every one of their songs! And those bands are very rear but The Misfits is one of em! There is something about this song, there is a reason, there must be a reason why I cant stop listening to it!

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