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Do not be misguided by her dimpled smile, her blue eyes and
her tender years. Miranda Lambert demands respect as a
serious artist.

"I don't want my music to be taken as something you just
hum along with," says the Sony newcomer. "No matter what
I'm singing, I want to say something that makes people
think. I want people to hear my songs and feel something. I
want to be appreciated as someone whose music is REAL. I
want to be thought of as a true artist, not just as an

Miranda Lambert's debut major-label CD states More...

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Review about Miranda Lambert songs
I'm addicted tonthis song | Reviewer: Dalton Fuller
    ------ About the song Dead Flowers performed by Miranda Lambert

I always listen to this for some reason... I just love it. I can't relate at all, but when she said, "I feel like the flowers in this vase" i automatically had to listen to the whole song at least three times.

Wow | Reviewer: anindyabaidya
    ------ About the song The House That Built Me performed by Miranda Lambert

I came to the States and heard this song in the radio. I got knocked out. I remember everything. The wooden seat in front of my old house. The little garden. My little kitten who died leaving me lost. I wish I had the strength to go back home for ever.

my review | Reviewer: angelcake
    ------ About the song Gunpowder & Lead performed by Miranda Lambert

dear miranda lambert,I am a 12 year old unknown writer.i love to sing. do you have any advice for me to get into disney channel shows or the teen pop star music buisiness? p.s. my name is not really angelcake and my e-mail address is not really lovedoodle@yahoo.com.plz. respond if you care about me!

Amazing | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song Easy From Now On performed by Miranda Lambert

I love this song, because I feel the emotion behind the way Miranda sings it. I connect deeply with the words and what it means. I love this song, it's my favorite song by Miranda. She's a great artist.

me and charley talking | Reviewer: denielle
    ------ About the song Me And Charlie Talking performed by Miranda Lambert

So we treat our love like a firefly,
like it only gets to shine for a little while.
Catch it in a mason jar, with holes in the top,
and run like hell to show it off!

I <3 this song | Reviewer: tigergrrl165
    ------ About the song Kerosene performed by Miranda Lambert

I <3 this song because it's got good beats and I can totally relate. Cheaters suck.

Song of my life.... at the moment | Reviewer: Megan
    ------ About the song I Wanna Die performed by Miranda Lambert

I love this song, it's about the whole dating game, and I think she captures it well from a woman's perspective. I can completely relate to this song, it's almost as if she wrote it for me. I have been going through the up's and down's of dating, and the games, which I hate, and that's exactly what she's trying to capture in her lyrics.

Wow! | Reviewer: SpiritGirl08
    ------ About the song Kerosene performed by Miranda Lambert

I love this song so much because it means so much to me because I havejust went through a bad relationship and hearing this song makes me feel better!~ :-)

HATS OFF TO YOU MIRANDA! | Reviewer: SpiritGirl08
    ------ About the song Love Your Memory performed by Miranda Lambert

"I can't handle all this pain
All we ever do is fight anyway
Why we even tried I haven't a clue
With hearts involved there's way too much to loose

I don't want to see you or feel you
I don't want to look into your eyes
I don't want to touch you or miss you"
This song hits me hard because wow it is so good like I was in this relationship with one of my really good guy friends and then we just faught and it was not worth losing the friendship over because all we did was fight and we shouldn't get our hearts involved in something that we aren't ready for which I wasn't I guess or he just didn't know what he wanted and then I love the part i dont wanna see you or feel you because I don't really like talking to hiim anymore cuz it was werid and he hurt me so I dont want to anymore!

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