Miranda Lambert Albums

  • Four The Record Album (11/1/2011)
    All Kinds Of Kinds
    Fine Tune
    Fastest Girl In Town
    Mama's Broken Heart
    Dear Diamond
    Same Old You
    Baggage Claim
    Easy Living
    Over You
    Look At Miss Ohio
    Better In The Long Run
    Nobody's Fool
    Oklahoma Sky
    Hurts To Think

  • Revolution Album (9/29/2009)
    White Liar
    Only Prettier
    Dead Flowers
    Me And Your Cigarettes
    Maintain The Pain
    Airstream Song
    Makin' Plans
    Time To Get A Gun
    Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
    The House That Built Me
    Love Song
    Heart Like Mine
    Sin For A Sin
    That's The Way The World Goes 'Round
    Virginia Bluebell

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Album (5/1/2007)
    Gunpowder & Lead
    Dry Town
    Famous In A Small Town
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Love Letters
    More Like Her
    Guilty In Here
    Getting Ready
    Easy From Now On
    Girl Like Me
    I Just Really Miss You

  • Kerosene Album (2/1/2005)
    What About Georgia?
    Greyhound Bound For Nowhere
    New Strings
    I Can't Be Bothered
    Bring Me Down
    Me And Charlie Talking
    I Wanna Die
    Love Is Looking For You
    Mama, I'm Alright
    There's A Wall
    Love Your Memory

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