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U2 Miracle Drug Lyrics

Last updated: 03/12/2013 12:32:21 PM

I want a trip inside your head
Spend the day there...
To hear the things you haven't said
And see what you might see

I wanna hear you when you call
Do you feel anything at all?
I wanna see your thoughts take shape
And walk right out

Freedom has a scent
Like the top of a new born baby's head

The songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
I've seen enough I'm not giving up
On a miracle drug

Of science and the human heart
There is no limit
There is no failure here sweetheart
Just when you quit...

I am you and you are mine
Love makes no sense of space
And time...will disappear
Love and logic keep us clear
Reason is on our side, love...

The songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
I've had enough of romantic love
I'd give it up, yeah, I'd give it up
For a miracle, a miracle drug, a miracle drug

God I need your help tonight

Beneath the noise
Below the din
I hear your voice
It's whispering
In science and in medicine
"I was a stranger
You took me in"

The songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
I've had enough of romantic love
Yeah, I'd give it up, yeah, I'd give it up
For a miracle, miracle drug

Miracle, miracle drug

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inspirational lyrics | Reviewer: susan Bradford | 3/12/13

I feel more band should seek out more of our gifted children and is the universal language. U2 did a wonderful thing not only did they inspire. Us with this beautiful song but the story behind it is a window to what our true ability can be no matter if we have a disability or not. We all are here for a reason we just need to seek out those gifts we are given thank you so much U 2 for your. Inspirational. Gift Much love Susan Bradford

Love so strongly your heart shivers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/12

I heard this song again while driving to Church one sunday morning and that was all †hξ ministration I think I needed for that day. It so brings tears to my eyes, and I'm known to be an uptight person. I always love †hξ way U2 focuses their song theme on love. And this song helps to reassure Christians that no matter what is happening in this world God is still watching and is in control. I love U2 and their messages. God is Love.

response to Anonymous | Reviewer: dave | 11/9/11

The song starts off about a guy the band new in high school... but it is also about hope in God:
'God I need your help tonight...

Beneath the noise
Below the din
I hear your voice
It's whispering
In science and in medicine
"I was a stranger
You took me in"'

Bono is saying that through everything going on in this world, he can still detect God's voice, 'beneath the noise, below the dine, I hear your voice... 'I was a stranger, you took me in' (Matthew 25)

The reference to, giving up Romantic love is a reference to the different kinds of love. In Greek there are four words for love:
1. Phileo - Brotherly love
2. Storge - parental love
3. Eros - romantic, sexual love
4. Agape - selfless love (God's love: John 3:16)

He is saying that he is trading his hope in romantic love to a higher love, that of God's love... 'a miracle drug'. The song is about God's agape love for us... romantic love can break your heart, while God's love promises to complete us.

Well that's my read on it anyway.



Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/11

I loved this song the moment i heard it.
I know why this song was written but i dont understand why he says "I've had enough of romantic love..." i would love for someone to enlighten me on this. Thanks.

Love this song! | Reviewer: jmom82 | 4/5/10

My son has Autism. I heard this song for the first time shortly after he was diagnosed. it made me break down sobbing. It took the words from my heart. There is no greater love than a mother has for her child. There is nothing I would not give up to help my son. I am so very thankful that Bono wrote this song for Mr. Noland and his mother. There have been many days that I hold them and their story in my heart as a reminder of what determination and love can do. There is no failure here. Aah. I sob every time. I am so very very proud of my son. OK, I am crying again....

The inspiration for this song... | Reviewer: Bo | 2/25/09

Christopher John Nolan was born in Mullingar, Ireland, “a gelatinous, moaning, dankerous baby boy,” as he put it in a poem. His parents, Joseph and Bernadette, worked a small farm in Corcloon, about 50 miles west of Dublin, and his father brought in extra income by working part time as a psychiatric nurse.

To keep the boy’s mind stimulated, his father told stories and read passages from Joyce, Beckett and D. H. Lawrence. His mother strung up letters of the alphabet in the kitchen, where she kept up a steady stream of conversation. His sister, Yvonne, two years older, sang songs and acted out skits. All three survive him.

“I was wanted dearly, loved dearly, bullied fairly and treated normally,” Mr. Nolan told The Christian Science Monitor in 1988.

After selling their farm, Mr. Nolan’s parents moved the family to a Dublin suburb in 1972 so that Christy, as he was called, could attend a remedial school. In 1979 he transferred to a local comprehensive school, where his classmates included members of the rock group U2. Their 2004 song “Miracle Drug,” with lyrics by Bono, was about Mr. Nolan.

Nolan, an Irish writer who, mute and quadriplegic since birth, produced a highly praised volume of verse and short stories at 15 and went on to publish a prize-winning autobiography, “Under the Eye of the Clock,” died Friday in Dublin. He was 43 and lived in Sutton, near Dublin.

what does this means? | Reviewer: Valentina | 7/11/08

u came back from nowhere and mess up my thoughts, why did u do it?.... does this mean something, should I notice something, should I understand what ure trying to say or is it nothing, I cant never be sure with u but... god... our thing, they have to be only playgrounds, they are matters from the past.. u woke up too late... and we bothe have our lives.
but still... I wanted to say that I did love u

Amazing | Reviewer: Coni | 12/26/07

woww!!! it's a perfect song!! it is really amazing!!!
It's my favourite song!! The first time i heard it, I could not stop hearing it. There is only one word to describe this song and it is: "AMAZING"

Miracle Drug | Reviewer: Shay Griffin | 12/23/07

This song describes everything my husband is to me. Before I met him, I had nothing, and was struggling in my life. Now I am with him, and I have more then I could have ever hoped for. He has inspired me to be a better person, and he taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to. He saved my life and for that He is my Miracle Drug.

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/07

This song has a lot of special meaning to me (as it does a lot of people) it's gorgeous and it's the perfect song about what's real in a relationship and love (or at least that's how i see this song). i said the words 'i love you' to my girlfriend for the first time while this song was playing

AWESOME SONG | Reviewer: Lady GiRL | 11/21/07

This song came out in a mexican movie 7 dias (7days) and it's a great song! alot of meaning, you never know how someone is.... untill you meet them, and only some of us have the power to give out whole confidence to people and let thim in ur life so quickly.... like in that movie, i soooo recomend it

About the song Miracle Drug performed by U2 | Reviewer: Vita | 7/11/07

It's a perfect song about the most perfect thing. Makes me smile. Makes me happy.
And that guitar solo bristles always my hairs.

Stunning | Reviewer: Chris | 6/3/07

I love this song, and agree its the best song on the album!!! The last verse is simply breathtaking!

Amazing | Reviewer: Colin | 5/27/07

I gave this song to a very special lady in my life. It says everything I could not say, the words are fantastic! Wish she was mine! x

It's perfect! | Reviewer: Malena | 4/9/06

This is my favourite song by U2. I love it so much! First time I heard it, I started to cry because it was sooo beautiful! Mostly I like their songs from the 80's, but like, Miracle Drug is from their newest album, and still it's my favourite. That says something about how beautiful is actually is! Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!