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Toto Mindfields Lyrics

Last updated: 12/22/2005 11:00:00 AM

There's a rumor of a midnight man
so silent in disguise
And every time he looks your way
you see it in his eyes
Like a window to the storm
he just invades your paradise
Don't you buy what he is selling
it's just lies...

When he says... these hearts are willing
Story goes... these dreams are free

Only takes a moment
but you must acclimatize
Don't you buy what he is selling
it's just lies...

Over your left shoulder I have seen the angry beast
Heard the war horn screaming, as they gather for the feast
Seen a star-crossed angel with the death-card and a shield

We're walking through mindfields... You see an angel and she takes you by the hand
We're walking through mindfields... Her lips are moving like she's praying
We're walking through mindfields... She speaks so softly and you want to understand
what she's saying

There's a stairway leading to the sun
I walk it in my sleep
And a ship of fools above the sky
who've gotten into deep
With a doorway into nowhere
and the path is way too steep
Don't lose your angry soul
It's yours to keep...

Where it ends... it's the beginning
And it stays... right to the end

The reason is unclear my friend
it almost makes me weep
So don't you lose your angry soul
it's yours to keep
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