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Kutless Million Dollar Man Lyrics

Last updated: 11/11/2009 10:00:00 AM

He's driving down a road to nowhere
The moon reflects off his spotless car
Speeding away from all he's known
To greener grass on the other side

He's a million dollar man
He's got everything he wanted
But now what he wants is what he had
But he threw it all away
For a life filled with cars and rings and everything that money can bring

Now everything is not what he thought
As guilt reaches in for all of his wrong
The profit is worthless when you're alone
The grass isn't greener on this lonely side

He threw it all away

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Review the song Million Dollar Man | Reviewer: Luke | 7/4/09

To me this song is my proof of how much of a terrific band Kutless is. It is hands down one of the best songs released in the past 10 years. The music alone is great, catchy, and you dont hear many other bands putting stuff like that out. Combine the musical talent with a simple message and you have Kutless. However, although Kutless is worship band, i dont think they were trying to make this song religious that much.

Steve -Reviewer | Reviewer: Steve wambugu | 5/6/09

I believe this song displays or rather admonishes us not to throw away what we already have, that is love,for material possessions or simple ephemeral pleasures. Alternatively, it could also illustrate how we sometimes put faith in materialism and make them 'gods' in our lives instead of having faith in God.Eventually, it will only culminate to an empy lifestyle with no love and joy leading us back to God.