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In the month of October 1992, Millencolin was found by
Erik, Mathias and Nikola in Örebro, Sweden. At first
they all played in other punkbands, and they were singing
in Swedish. Erik played guitar in Charles Harfager. Nikola
and Mathias had their band called Seigmenn.

They all started skating in the nineteen eighties and they
listened to Descendents, Operation Ivy and Odd Man Out, so
they decided to start their own band. They got the name
from a skate trick, "Melancholy", and they adjusted the
spelling so it sounded more like a More...

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Reviews about Millencolin songs

Vitalizing and amazing | Reviewer: Colin Farewell
    ------ About the song Absolute Zero performed by Millencolin

This song is just perfect and I love everything about it specialy the lyrics that remind me just to keep on my propose and never give up or feel sad by not have someone else lifestyle.
However its not an a big album but its on single from they music Kemp.
I agree that Millencolin must use more this song and would love to listen to it on a live concert!

ahem... FIRST POST | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Cigar performed by Millencolin

Alright, I first heard this song on the classic Playstation game 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2'.

It was on of my top three songs on the game, my second favorite (following May 16) to be exact.

It has great lyrics, and a great tempo, rythm, etc.

It is a great song... and as mentioned in the title... THIS IS THE FIRST POST!!!! WHOO!

ULTIMATE SONG | Reviewer: Moep
    ------ About the song Ray performed by Millencolin

Definitely a masterpiece.
GO and buy Kingwood, its the ultimate album.
I swear you can listen to every single song and some are really great, too.

Maybe finger mystake | Reviewer: Angel Beltran
    ------ About the song Trendy Winds performed by Millencolin

I'm tired of their *endelss* whine, why can't they mind their own ?

just is the "e" endless =)

ashs review | Reviewer: ashleigh berdie
    ------ About the song Ray performed by Millencolin

i luv Ray. i bought "kingwood" just to hear it. if u dont have "kingwood", get it! its the best. i love the video clip too! its a bit of a random concept but hey, its effective.

Review about Ray | Reviewer: Peatie
    ------ About the song Ray performed by Millencolin

wow this song is great, the best bit is in the chorus when he goes "so shut your mouth now big boy, i am just myself not your toy".

Exellent Song

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