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Kings Of Leon Milk Lyrics

Last updated: 12/08/2009 10:00:00 AM

Salty leave
Salty Delete

tell me the one about the friend you knew
and the last good night that we toasted too.

salty leave
stay for me
stay for me

We drank wine in the matinee
and the spotlight showed what it chased away

Stay for me

She saw my combover, her hourglass body
she had problems with drinking milk
and being school tardy
She'll loan you her toothbrush
she'll bartend your party

Kill me
kill me

called and i called, but I can't get through,
said he's on his own, but his own is you

Kill me

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Milk | Reviewer: Lincoln | 11/12/09

I thought the second line, was 'soul delete', I've heard it live a few times, my favourite was at the Paris Olympia in February, i'm sure it's salty leave, soul delete. check my video-

Peter Pan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/09

This song is a reflection of the way i'm feeling. I am still so damn in love with the man i gave my heart too, who gave it back. I have a problem with getting to school tardy, that line literally made me giggle. I miss him, 143 -->2467

favourite song | Reviewer: kate | 5/7/09

this song is my favourite song of all time on my favourite album by my favourite band...
iv seen it live a few times and theres nothing like it...
appearantly its about sum girl caleb likd but jared when off with her...
called and i called but i cant get through said hes on his own but his own is u...
and salty is like sum slang r sumtin...
cant remember wat it means though...

milk | Reviewer: brooke | 4/22/09

my theory is this:
salty leave - tears at departure. i think its about girl who caleb used to love and has known for a long time, i think hes losing her hence the line "stay for me" i think she is a stripper at a club, they drink in the matinee, she comes over with her perfect figure, shes kind of trashy, not the typical girl, shell loan you her tooth brush, and bartend ur party, shes alot of fun. the spotlight shows what the spotlight chased away, he called and called but cant get through, hes losing her and feels bad hence the tears and salty leave, drinking milk and being school tardy, shes a bit weird and doesnt do the usual, shes not interested in school.

milk aka "salty beans" | Reviewer: keli | 2/19/09

I love kings of Leon for their musical qualities and road trip game we call, "Kings of what the F is he saying?" Listen to the beginning of Milk and tell me you don't hear salty beans. Hysterical and the best road music ever. Now that I know the lyrics, I am more confused than ever, but that does not change my love for this band.

best song ever | Reviewer: kol fan | 9/22/08

This was the first song that stood out to me on the 2nd album. love it to pieces and always makes me feel better.
cant imagine wht it would be like live, except ubar awsome.

what does salty leave mean though? the rest of the song is fine , but salty leave? like teardrops r salty or something??

Even better in person | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

If you like the song now, just wait til you hear it live. One of their best songs in my opinion.

legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

this song is a MAZING and gives me shivers. i know this is going to sound quite odd, but light a candle and listen to it in the dark. legend!